What can you do without me?

A question  came up during a first  re-evaluation last night I thought I would addess for everyone since this is a common question.  The question was, “What can I do to help mysef daily besides what you are doing?”

The first thing for anyone is to stick to their care plan.  This varies for everyone,  For new people the time, frequency, and intensity is close together since studies show that our bodies want to elastisize back in to the same pattern.  Thus breaking patterns of chronic subluxations need  to be close together.   It’s kind of like working out, it takes a while for your body to show the results you want.   You have ups and downs but you stick with it if you want to be healthy and reach your goals.  As you graduate to less frequent adjusting based on not how you feel but how you function then it is really imperative that you follow through with lifestyle reccomendations.  So lets go over what a typical day can look like for you.

My job is a coach and teacher so lets go over what I’d reccomend, everyone is diferent depending on their skill sets, overall health, and their own motivation to be healthier, but here it is.

1.  Wake up every morning and say Oh Yes!!! Do this 3 times.  We are programmed to say I can’t, I won’t, I’m not good enough, and a host of negative thoughts before we even start our day.  This sets the tone for your day.  To say I can, I will, I dare, and I do(put this on  3×5 card and keep with you or put by your computer)  10 times befoe you get up will set your nervous system in a positive pattern.  Nothing good ever happens when you say I can’t!! 

2.  Dynamic stretching,  Do a handfull of squats, lunges, calf stretches, YMTL stretches, calf stretches, hip swings to get your body ready for movement, then add a 4 minute fat buning exercise routine which will help you burn fat, raise your metabolism and  get you ready to rock your day.  An example is posted on my blog in videos.  These exercises are 20 seconds and then take a 10 second brake and then go to the next one.  4 minutes of this and you’ll be sweating and working it big time.  Pushups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, situps, running in place are all examples you can do in your house and only take a few minutes, 

3.  Good breakfast!!  This is the most important meal since it sets the tone for your metabolism all day.  I like a greens smoothie with blueberries, (see blog video section)  Eggs 2x week, maybe a little oatmeal if I’m doing heavy endurance training.  Other than that mostly fruit to start your day.  This will help regulate your blood sugar.

4.  Snack on apples, almonds.

5.  Get off the computer every hour and do YMTL exercises.  (I’ll post those on he blog for you that don’t know these)  Sitting is the worst thing you can do for your body!!

6.  More fruit, some protein or fat for afternoon snack, if you can get a chance for a cat nap do it!!

7.  For those that can’t workout you need to get some form of cardiovascular and strength training in.  It doesn’t have to be  long.  Jog for a few mintes, jump some rope and then hit the weights.  I prefer weight bearing exercises since you don’t need any equiptment and can do anywhere.  Find a good hill and do 5-10 10 second hill sprints.  Another great fat burning exercise

8.  Cut the bad carbs, most grains, most dairy from your diet since they are  inflammation producing and can lead to many of the chronic conditions that amercians have such as cancers, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension etc.  Go to www.deflame.com and dowload the guidelines.  You can also listen to 2 podcasts here on why inflammation is bad for you.

9.  How about another 4 minutes of fat buring exercises before you go to bed.  Start to unwind and get a minumum of 6 hours of sleep.  I prefer 8, that’s what my mind-body demands.

10.  Write down what you need to get done for the next day, and more importanlt who you must be and how you can give yourself away to others.    Count your blessings and get some shut eye.

11.  Plan a date night one a week or so with your spouse or signifigant other.  Kid time is crucial, be a role model for them.  Let kids be kids, have discipline that they can learn from and be loving.

12.  Manage your stress before it kills you! 

13.  Reduce debt, and start being a saver!

14.  God  didn’t put you here to fail.  We are put here to be in relationship and love one another without judgement which can be extremely difficult for us human beings.  Practice the Golden Rule.

15.  Get some sun, and don’t use sunscreen unless you burn easily!!  Enjoy the heat of a hot day like today because winter is only 6 months away.  Vit amin D production is crucial for your health!!!

16.  Take a multivitamin, coQ10, Magnesium, a fish oil, a pro-biotic, and a digestive enzyme.  You can get this all in a one/day pack at my office for $50/month.

17.  Go out and play!!  Write out what you don’t want and write what you do want and go get it!!

18.  Attend my workshops as many as you can where I teach these principles of health every monday night.

19.  Have more fun!!!

20.  Don’t forget to celebrate life.  Mary’s 50th is this weekend, come on over or a beer, free range pig roast, and a swimming pool Hawaiian Theme party!!   

21.  Get an extra adjustment if you aren’t feeling right or feel you are coming down with something

22.  Drink much more water!!   

23.  Say thank you

24.  Start with one of the above 24  and apply today.  Then add one per week. 

25.  These are just words unless you make them your own and change the behavior which moves you towards better health!!   I know you can do it!!   You do these things and you’ll see less of any Doctors.  You are in charge of your health!!  Until next time, be your best!!!  Dr. E

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2 Responses to “What can you do without me?”

  • Shari:

    Hi Steve, regarding your 25 points of what can you do without me….# 15 you suggest not to use sunscreen unless you burn easily. This goes against everything we are told from the tabloids to medical professions. Could you explain?
    Thank you. Shari

  • steveedling:

    The sun is so important as it provides the best source of Vitamin D for our cellular structures. Did you know that the economic burden of Vitamin D insufficiency in the US is $40-54 billion/year, whilethe economic burden of excess UV radiation is only $5-7 billion/year. It is estimated that 50,000-70,000 Americans die prematurely from cancer due to insufficient Vitamin D. There is overwhelming clinical research that supports Vitain D supllentation for many conditions such as: Muscloskeletal pain, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, CV disease, Syndrome X MS, PCOS, Depression, Epilepsy, Prevention of cancer, prevention of IDDM. I got my 30 minutes by the pool at lunch today. Steve edling D.C.

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