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Are you auto-immune?

Not getting better, tired, fatiqued, sluggish, cold feet or hands, do you require excessive amounts of sleep, do you gain weight easily, depressed, constipated, hair thinning or falling out?  You may have a condition called Hashimoto’s and you may never know it or were misdiagnosed.

I’ve been seeing quite a few people who have been coming in with chronic autoimmune conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjorgen’s syndrome, type one diabetes, hypo or hyper thyroidism, peripheral neuropathy.   Usually they are presenting with a neuromuscloskeletal complaint but have also been diagnosed with another auto immune condition.   What is auto-immune?  Auto immune means your body is self attacking it self.  An example would be a condition called Hashimoto’s disease.  27 million americans suffer from thyroid disease whom half go undiagnosed.  Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the thyroid tissue.  Half of the diagnosed thyroid cases are Hashimoto’s.  No one ever seems to ask the question why did the thyroid gland stop working?   Usually someone diagnosed with a low functioning thyroid gets on Synthroid and on their merry way they go.  In most cases people will get some signifigant  relief because if it’s primary hypothyroidism they will because they need the thyroid hormone which has been lost.  A very high percentage of people with hypothyroidism still complain of symptoms  because the medication doesn’t address what caused the immune system to falter in the first place.  Hashimoto’s disease is an immune system disease and thus the immune system needs to be checked, and no one is checking this out.

Specific thyroid testing needs to be done, not just your TSH, and T4 levels.  Sensitivity testing to see if you are sensitive to gluten(which is wheat, rye, oats, and barely),  dairy, eggs, yeast, and soy.  An adrenal stress index test needs to be done, and your immune panels need to be checked if you are TH1 dominant or TH2 dominant.  If the immune system is not  balanced like a teeter-totter you are going to have some major health problems and why you still have symptoms in spite of the medication.

I’ve made a video describing what this is all about and why people with this condition or any other autoimmune condition need to get at the cause which is an immune system that has gone wild due to many different reasons, particularly lifestyle induced.  Look for  this video to be up shortly, and if you know someone who suffers with thyroid problems or is on the medications but they are not helping please let them know that they can be helped.  They need to fill out a nutritional assessment form and need to have this specific testing done.  It’s not cheap but what is your health worth to find out once and for all why you are feeling terrible and to finally get your health back naturally.  Call Mary and we will get you checked to see if you even qualify for this particular metabolic care.   This is totally different than our traditional Chiropractic care.

I hope everyone had an incredible  4th weekend.  I played golf and hanging out with the family and just chilled quite a bit which is good for the body and soul.  I am getting antsy to get back to working with people adjusting them and getting them functioning again and also as mentioned above looking at these metabolic conditions such as diabetes, Hashimoto’s, peripheral neuropathy, etc.  If someone is auto-immune it trumps all other treatments because they won’t ever get better unless these are addressed.  Until next time, help someone who has a health challenge by letting them know I may be able to help. Dr. E.  p.s.  I’m playing baseball again this weekend sunday afternoon, Oakey park.  I’m swinging for the fences this weekend.  A big congrats out to former Osceola girls basketball coach  Brian Fell who is the new head athletic director at Bloomington Jefferson high school!!  Also, I’m working on our St. Croix Falls 30th class reunion which is August 14th in SCF.  Check us out  on facebook.

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