Are you ready for some football?

Tonight is the night when people in Wisconsin really go nuts over their Green Bay Packers. I was driving back from my first rollerski of the year and saw this blown up packer mascot in someone’s driveway. It’s interesting how close we are to the Twin Cities but I’d say it’s 70% Packer fans to 30% Viking fans. The same goes for the Badgers and Gophers. Tonight is going to be a great game so enjoy it as I will with my son and all his football buddies are coming over for at least the first half.

Packer country

Mary and I got back from a great trip to Los Angeles. I met up with an old teammate of mine Dewayne Eldridge who looks like he could still play today. The Gophers played great and look forward to watching them play this weekend against New Mexico State wh o is coached by Dewayne Walker another old teammate of mine.

Former Gophers 30 years later

I could not live in L.A.. The weather is great, but the traffic would drive me nuts. We also went to a Twins-Angels game and actually saw Joe Mauer hit a homerun. I think it was his first since he played here in Osceola against the Braves.

Mary and I at the famous L.A. coliseum

Many of you do not get the Valley Wire which is Osceola’s alternative newspaper. I’ve been writing for it since day one. See my article on back to basics which was run this week. Enjoy and get ready for some great football!!!
Getting back to basics

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