You are not alone, part two.

I’m sure many people out east felt quite alone with Hurricane Irene slamming North Carolina, the Jersey shore and Vermont really got the flooding. No electricity means no computer, no lights, no fridge, no nothing. To me it would mean no distractions. I’d have to actually deal with the moment as best I could. Families would have to come together and if you would be by yourself you would find out a lot about yourself. Luckily we don’t get hit with hurricanes like some of my buddies who sent me pictures. One lives on Cape Hatterus and he says it was pretty bad. Our big snowstorm we had last December didn’t keep the neighbors from getting to our party but I think a hurricane would.

1980 Gopher football team

I get very antsy and excited this time of year. The kids start schol in less than 48 hours and I feel excited every year when school starts. Kids will be wearing new clothes, checking out any new kids, establish new friendships, renew old friendships, and challenge themselves with the best intentions of doing their best this year. I admire teachers and their commitment to our children and teens. It’s a job I thought I’d someday do but I don’t think I’m cut out for the day in and day out of being a teacher. A guest lecturer is more my cup of tea.

This is also a great time to renew your commitment to your health. Are you easily distracted and have a hard time finding time and energy to follow through with the basics of keeping yourself healthy and well? If you are here are a couple suggestions. Keep your cell phone in the car when you are at work and home. That will take away from the distraction of using it. Do your email once in morning and don’t look at it until the afternoon. You’ll get much more done. Keep your facebook time to 15 minutes a day max. I was a facebook junky last summer and as much fun as it was it was getting in the way with a number of more important things in my life. Make time to prepare your food. Make time to workout daily. I’ve got an hour set away right after I get this post put up on the blog for my workout. We all have the same amount of time in the day. Can you commit to being less distracted, mean more while saying less, and follow through with what you tell people you are going to do? I know when I’m laser focused like this I am then healthier, happier, and a better Doctor.

We will be out of town starting thursday and will not be back in until the a week from now on September 7th. Mary and I will be traveling to Los Angeles to watch the Gophers and Twins play this weekend. I’m also looking forward to seeing an old football buddy DeWayne Eldridge who I played with from over 30 years ago.

Take care, get in and get adjusted so you have a great Holiday, and have a safe and fun Labor day weekend. Dr. E

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