It’s that time of year.

May and I were at her all school reunion for Kelloggg high school in Roseville last saturday night and was it fun. Ther emust have been 3000 people there from 30 years of the high school’s existance. I mostly roamed around just intriqued watching people reunite or try to figure out who so and so was. Mary was class of 1977 which had 750 kids. This was one of the biggest classes in the state of Minnesota at that time. It was funny as I’d be walking around people would glance at my name tag to see what class I was in. It said guest Steve Edling and they would quick be on their way to find someone else they knew. The cool thing was watching all the hugs and ‘Oh my God, how are you” exchanges. My alma Mater, St. Croix Falls class of 1981 is having their 30th class reunion this weekend and you wouldn’t even need name tags since everyone knows everyone. I may have to crash that one.

Reunion time is a great time

It’s reunion time and it’s also time to check in with how you are doing with your health. Are you taking the best care of yourself that you possibly can? If not, why not? Everyday we wake up and have a choice on how we are going to live your life. You attitude affects everything. Keep it positive and do one thing today to get out of your comfort zone and challenge your self to be healthier.

Here are two quick tips for eating better. One is to go Gluten free. That means cutting out all grains, and don’t go near the gluten free sections since they are full of sugar. Two, if you have a plate make 2/3rd’s of it veggies, and 1/3rd of it a good source of lean protein like fish, chicken or meat. Snack on nuts, seeds between meals and don’t wait till you get hungry to eat.

Quick tip for exercise is to do more weight bearing exercises such as pushup’s, up down’s, and planks for core. Do 30 seconds then take a 15 second break. Do that for 5 minutes and you’ll get a quick fat burning workout in. If you are not ready for that do a 30 minute brisk walk with some hills in there.

I’ll finish with a great quote from my buddy Matt Furey. “Act as if you have nothing to lose and everything to gain- and you’ll come out on top most of the time.

Until next time, don’t think twice about going to your class reunion. You’ll be glad you did. Dr. E

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