Would you do this for your spouse?

Anyone who has been or is in marriage and has kids understands the complexities of what a marriage can bring both good and bad. What can complicate things even more is if one spouse isn’t healthy and isn’t getting the support that they need at home. This is an unfortunate but common thing that I see when dealing with people that come in to my clinic. They may have some form of chronic metabolic, neurologic, or structural problem that affects their ability to be who they really want to be. Add a spouse who has written them off or doesn’t understand and you have a dilemma which is hard to correct. I can do everything possible to help get someone’s health back and they do everything they can to get their health back which is great, but without the love and support at home it is going to be tough to keep their mental and physical health.

When ever their is a physical problem the spirit also gets hurt. Having 30 years of this is going to take time. Investing in your health so you can have the life of your dreams is imperative in this day and age. Life is to short to spend most of it not feeling well and feeling like a prisoner of your own body. I may not have all the answers but I will leave no stone unturned in helping you regain your health.

I missed Wannigan days this year. I can’t believe I didn’t make it up there. Mary and I had a great weekend, we stayed over night in the cities and had a blast. I’m fighting a bit of a summer cold so I’ve been burning the midnight oil to much. no sugar, more sleep, and really watch the diet. Watch out for St.Croix Falls athletic teams in a few years. They have some stellar athletes on their 8th grade baseball team. Osceola beat them by one last weekend. I look forward to watching these kids play in high school. Nothing like a good St. Croix-Osceola rivalry. Until next time, keep the communication open and your past doesn’t have to define your future. Dr. E

Osceola Jr. High baseball champs.

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