Beat the Heat this way.

I love the heat and hate the humidity. How about you?

This reminds me of summer of 1977 and it was a scorcher. The St. Croix Falls golf course had no watering systems and it was totally burnt out except for the greens. We’d play golf early in the morning and then come home grab a snack and off to baseball we’d go. What a perfect life that was way back then. The only thing that is different is the kids hit the weight room and do ability and speed training before baseball now and do golf later in the day or evenings if there isn’t any games.

Back then I’d get heat exhaustion once or twice a summer and didn’t do well in the heat. Now I love it because I know how cold it can be out cross country skiing. I’ve also learned how to take much better care of my self. Here are some tips I do and find these helpful not only in the hot summer heat but year round.

My temp by the pool on sunday

1. If you are working out do it early in the morning. Your energy is better and you beat the heat and humidity.
2. Listen to your body. If it’s struggling, then back it down.
3. Water only. And lots of it. Stay away from the caloric rich drinks which alter your blood sugar which can already be stressed. Drink water through out the day. If your pee is clear you are hydrated.
4. Add lean protein to each meal and snack. Meat, chicken fish are good.
5. Tons of veggies. This is the time to get the fresh veggies. Can’t get anything good in the winter so load up now. Mot of your diet should be veggies.
Keep fruits to stone fruits, and not a lot of these. More veggies than fruits.
6. No processed foods. Keep it raw.
7. Add omega 3’s , pro0biotics for good gut function, and I love greens. All these are inexpensive and I have at my clinic.
8. Be strategic about your carbs. You know I would love to see everyone gluten free. You will gain weight and feel crappy with a bunch of carbs.
9. Don’t beat your self up. Dust your self off, get up and get back on track
10. Follow these steps, be creative, and enjoy success as you beat the heat and humidity and improve your health this summer!!

Mother Mary Chilling on the St. Croix River

Ok, that’s it for this week. Congrats to St. croix River Bandits baseball player Steven Siqorouis for being accepted to Chiropractic school. Steven is the 18th person I’ve referred to Chiropractic school. Good luck Steve and watch out for the River Bandits who are looking to make the playoffs for the first time ever.

On a sad not a good friend of the family died this week, Clarence Johnson. Clarence I’ve known for ever and was a fun loving guy who was a great supporter of everyone. He will be missed by all who knew him.

On a happy note, Hilliary Pascarella is getting married this weekend. Congrats to Hillary!! Also, congrats to all my patients who did the Minnesota state Triathlon. A big way to go, especially in the nasty heat.

Don’t forget to get adjusted in the summer. It will help you adapt to the summer heat. Until next time, embrace the heat and humidity because fall and winter are right around the corner. Dr. E

p.s. I went to the Twins game last night and it was brutal. 115 heat index and today is going to be worse. Heat I can take but the humidity and heat last night with 50,000 other people and it was like a stinking sauna. Actually my sauna would have been more comfortable. What do you prefer, a day like today, or 20 below? Just curious.

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2 Responses to “Beat the Heat this way.”

  • shelley wige minturn:

    here in texas we are approaching our 60th day straight over 100 degrees. no rain, worst drought conditions since the 1930s, all of these tips are good, and should really be repeated in this awful heat wave thats pretty much nationwide.

  • I love the heat but not that much. Hope you are doing well.

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