Are You Toxic and Insufficient, or Pure and Sufficient?

The grad parties are over and now I can get clean again. My discipline wasn’t the best over the weekend and I tell you, it’s much easier to keep your diet clean and feel great then eat poorly and feel like crap. I had a conversation yesterday with a patient and she couldn’t understand why she was feeling so bad every monday morning when she comes in. We went over everything and it comes right down to the poor diet she has on the weekends. She inflamme’s herself and pays the consequences for it. Inflammatory foods are grains. Grains are in everything. Most are processed grains and when you have a weekend of poor nutrition you will feel sore, achy, tired, and lethargic. The opposite is true if you keep it pure and have a diet sufficient in good protein, fats, and carbs.

I just put out on my facebook a great video from Dr. Mercola’s website an interview with Dr. Clemente of the Hippocrates institute down in southern florida. It’s a fantastic interview. Here is the link to it.

Our lifestyle is what is creating a majority of physiological dysfunction that leads people to my office or their M.D.’s office. You can reverse most if not all your ailments by living your life better by how you eat, move, and think. You have to do all of them and not just once. I’m about a stone’s throw away form being 50 and I’m vibrant, active, have high energy, compete with high school kids in athletic events, and for all the nasty injuries and surgeries I’ve had I’m doing pretty darn good. You too can have what ever you want with your health. I can lead you in how to achieve your maximal health potential but you have truly got to want it. I’ve seen people on their dead bed and still not want to change. Change now and start living and not a slow miserable way of existence. The people that are important to you will benefit and more importantly you will be empowered to do anything once you get working on your health.
Drugs are not the answer to our health problems. Living smarter and taking charge of your health and having mentors like myself or someone that has changed how they live are. I’m here for you when you are ready.

Are you toxic? Find out tomorrow night. My good buddy and health advocate Mike Rowe and myself are putting a class on tomorrow night 6:30pm at my clinic on how to cleanse your body in 30 days. This is a great system to get your metabolism on course, lose weight, feel a hell of a lot better and have energy like you haven;t had in years. It’s only 30 minutes and this can be a life changer for you or a loved one. OK, got to run and pick up Riley. I’m playing for the Oakey Owls saturday at 2pm at Oakey park. Come on out and watch the old timers! DR. E p.s. Ask your self every time you eat, move or think if this is making pure and sufficient, or toxic and insufficient. It will help you keep present in the moment and you will make better health choices.

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