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Quick note about upcoming weight loss seminar this monday June 13th 6:30pm at my clinic. Shouldn’t last more than 45 minutes. If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good I’m going to show you how. This proven system has worked for many of my patients. Seating is limited, only room for 7 that’s it. Call me 715-294-3100 or email me back

Throwing high heat

You know you are getting old when you are asked to throw out the first pitch for the Osceola Braves-St. Croix River bandits game. It was a beautiful day for a game and I actually was nervous a bit since I haven’t been throwing the ball around much this summer. I knew I had to throw it hard because if I laid off it and tried to lob it in there who knows where it would go. I threw a perfect strike and got the heck off the mound. The St. Croix team dominated the first half of the game with Nick Johnson having a stellar game. The Braves game back and made a good game out of it but lost 8-5. You know I’m passionate about baseball and follow every Braves game. watch out for St. Croix this year, they have a lot fo good young talent. I’d bet they will make the playoffs.

It was a fantastic weather weekend and when it’s nice like this I love to get out and play. Besides the baseball game sunday I did the St. Croix Falls 5km running race. I placed 3rd overall with a time of 19 minutes 30 seconds and won my age group. I love the course, mostly downhill and get to run right past the funeral home where I grew up and my old neighborhood. The best part of the race is seeing people I haven’t seen for ages and cheering people on as they finish. Movement is an essential part of being healthy. You want to ant-age yourself then get out side and start moving.

Many Schmidt, me and Mary before a Twins game

I hope you are all doing well with your anti-inflammatory diet. I’d love to hear your success. Being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s much more difficult sitting around thinking about it. Prepare your food in advance, eat periodically throughout the day, don’t wait until you get hungry, stay away from sugar and grains, get moving, manage your stress, get good sleep, hydrate, get adjusted, count your blessings and you are on your way!!

That’s it for this week. I’m having great success with my chronic condition patients. If you have a loved one or know someone who has thyroid problems, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, balance and dizziness disorders, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, then give me a call and lets see if they are a candidate for my metabolic and neurologic program.

OK, time to pick up my son Riley from Baseball practice. I’m sure he will want to bring the team over for some swimming in the pool. I love the hot heat of summer, bring it on!!!! Dr. E p.s. Upcoming workshops, Gluten, what you don’t know may be killing you. The unresolved Thyroid, and Peripheral Neuropathy. Keep posted for times and dates.

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