Maximize your health potential today

Spring has finally sprung and it is here to stay. It’s nice to be able to get outside and get some great work outs in. Mike Colaizy and I were doing intervals last week with the high school track team. We didn’t finish last which isn’t to bad for a couple of guys 49 and 61. We did a 400m run with a minute break and then 2x200m with 30 second break and then a 100m dash. 3 sets of these and you could feel it. It really taxes your neuromuscloskeletal system but I felt energized by it afterwards. Mike and I had planned to do some 800m intervals and when we saw them line up I told Mike lets get in there and see what we got.

It’s incredible what your body can do if you train it and create an environment for it so it can function at its maximal potential. Never in my wildest mind I would have thought I’d be working out with the track team and be able to hold my own. The message I want to convey is if you train your body it can really work for you and you can compete with people younger than you, you can slow the aging process, and feel incredible as you age. I’m doing it and so can you if you want.

I had a gluten free cooking workshop done by Lisa Erickson at her house last week and was that fantastic. We learned how to prepare gluten free foods that are easy to prepare and incredibly healthy for you. The more you de-flame your diet the healthier you will be. Our bodies are like a big lake. You would never put oil in your lake, or any other waste product because over time you would know it is going to become toxic. Our society keeps polluting our mind-bodies with toxic waste of poor thinking, eating, and lack of movement. Being healthy doesn’t have to be that hard. Add one thing to your mind and body today that will move you to becoming healthier.

Lisa Erickson cooking up a gluten free storm

The high school kids have conference at New Richmond, the baseball, soccer, and golf teams are gearing up for tournaments, and graduation is this friday in Osceola. Congrats to all the kids graduating and best wishes for their future from Mary and I. Congrats to all the graduates parents for being the best parents that they can be. I had no idea the challenges that parenting could bring and they should be proud of their parenting skills.

My son Connor got his drivers license a week ago. I didn’t think I’d worry to much about him driving sine he does a good job when I’ve been driving with him. He had a little fender bender less than 24 hours after he got his license. I couldn’t believe it. Now I know why my parents always worried about me when I was out driving around.

Ok, make it an incredible week, and keep up the great job with your health, and don’t forget to get in and get adjusted, it helps maximize your health potential!! Until next time, cheer all the kids on who play ball, and I’ll see you at the next Braves game. Dr. E

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