How to Heal

One of the many things I’ve learned over the past 24 years of being a Chiropractor is the amazing ability of the body-mind to be able to heal it self. How does that happen? I could go into the detail of physiological functions of systems but that would bore you to death. The bottom line is your body mind will heal if you give it the right nutrients, the right movement patterns, and give your brain the right thoughts.

You are what you eat. If you put bad food in you bad things will happen. Insulin insensitivity is an epidemic problem in our young and old. Most patients that I test have blood sugar levels above 100 and that is bad. It puts them in a physiological state in which the cells can’t get glucose in, and it stays in the blood. This is devastating over time and progresses unless you change your diet. I’ve went over the anti-inflammatory in detail in past posts. If you want to be healthy follow that diet.

Exercise is something your body-mind needs. It is as simple as that. If you sit all day you are not only going to have poor posture but inevitably a bad spine and nervous system. The NFL has a 60 minutes a day of exercise for kids campaign which is outstanding. If you don’t have time make time to get a brisk walk, or some strength training. The bottom line is you have to get your body moving for your brain to work and your body to function in an optimal state. Go out and play like you did as a kid. You’ll feel better and think better. Exercise is the best anti-depressant ever known

Thinking better. Oh, this is probably the toughest for everyone. I’m no expert here other than I know when I look at the bright side of life I generally take more action and stay out fo fear. I hate conflict as much as anyone but when I deal with things fear subsides and life is better. Someone once said 90% of the things we worry about never happen. How prophetic. Mary has a saying in our office, “let go and let God”, I love that one. Having faith can be challenging sometimes. Having faith in yourself is vital for good health. Have faith in yourself that you can be healthier by taking action to improve your health. Get out of your head and just start taking action today to be healthier than you were yesterday. I’m here to assist you along your journey of improved health and well being. Remember, you have everything within you to heal and have prosperous health. I think as a society we have forgotten that our body-mind can heal and do well.

Until next time, what is the one thing you are going to do today to help you be healthier? I look forward to your comments! Dr. E p.s. the picture below is from this years spring football game for the gophers. I haven’t been to one since I last put on the pads 30 years ago. I’m with “The Floyd of Rosedale” which is the annual trophy given to the winner of the Iowa-Minnesota football game.

Me and Floyd of Rosedale

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