Solutions for being stuck

Have you ever been stuck and not been able to get motivated to unstuck yourself or get with it what you know you can do? Boy, I sure have and I recently had that for a few days. Low motivation, fatigued, in kind of a fog. I always try to look back at what have been my stressors. Stressor can be anything. How is home and work stress. Well, when a teen doesn’t come home on their curfew time and you are up anxiously waiting sleep gets disrupted, anger sets in, and this is a major immediate stress to your body-mind. If that was to be an every weekend event that would be a chronic stress and you’d be in trouble with your health. I also look at how my diet is. Have I been eating a protein rich diet in the morning? Have I been eating periodically throughout the day? Have I been gluten free? Am I staying away from adrenal stimulating foods and beverages? When my diet is great I’m usually functioning and feeling much better. Exercise is crucial if you want to be healthy. If I’m fatigued and in a fog I need to ask am I overtraining? Most people I see are under training, or doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I recommend 3 days aerobic and 3 days strength a week. It doesn’t have to be a long duration of working out. It may be a brisk 20 minute walk followed by body weight exercises. 30 minutes and you are set for a great day. If you do the same aerobic and strength workout everyday you need to change it up to get your body to change. We can talk at length about this some other time. Variety is important so you don’t get bored, and don’t be afraid to push your self a bit. Rest is also important especially if you are doing intensive workouts, have a ton of stress in your life, and your diet sucks. That is a prescription for fatigue, depression, sickness, and injury. I’m a big fan of working hard but also getting enough time for recovery.

If you eat better, move better, and think better their is no way you can’t be healthier. My job is to assist you through this process. I like to have everyone who comes in fill out a metabolic assessment form to see metabolically how they are doing, and a neurotransmitter assessment form so I can see how brain and nervous system are communicating. These are great forms to assess how you are living your life. From there I can assess what needs to be addressed and to be done as far as any other assessment and testing. This is a great assessment tool to help unstuck you if you aren’t functioning like you know you can. If you would like to know where you are at with these just email me and I’ll send you these forms to fill out and then I can go over them with you.

I’ve been doing a ton of work with people(mostly female) with Thyroid problems. I’m doing a workshop monday night at 6:30pm here at my office. I only have room for 8 people so if you are interested in finding out why your Thyroid is giving you problems and what you can do to improve yourself then this class is for you. let me know because it will be full in a couple days.

2 inches of snow is on it’s way! We are in a spring slump for weather. I feel for the high school kids who have to compete in this weather. Braves baseball is right around the corner so I know good weather is on it’s way. Twins and Brewers are off to a slow start also. I love when my hometown teams are doing great, it makes for an exciting summer. This weekend I’m taking Riley to the Gophers spring football game. I remember playing in the spring football game 30 years ago. We were all burnt out of football and relieved it was done. Go out today and make your day exciting!! Dr. E

Summer fun is right around the corner

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