You need to go gluten free now

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a post. Spring is here and it actually feels great to put storage wax on my cross country ski’s. I was skiing up to 10 days ago and had the best spring skiing ever. Now it’s time to tie the shoe laces up and start running along with continued strength training. The first couple weeks always are the hardest as my body adapts to new movements and stresses but once I get going it’s great. 3 days cardio a week, 3 days strength a week and I’m good to go. Combine good eating to cut inflammation down and put good nutrients in my body so it can perform at an optimal level, add some positive thoughts and be grateful and I’m set to jet and so can you.

I know you can do it!! If you eat better, start moving, and start thinking more positively there is no way you won’t be healthier. You will give your body-mind a better chance of prospering and dealing with life stressors by taking massive action towards your health. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Decide you want to improve your quality of life and just get at it with passion and enthusiasm. You can do it on your own like my neighbor did who has lost 40 pounds since the first of the year and says it’s the best he has ever felt, or pay me a good chunk of change to assess and test why you feel the way you do and then lead you to better health and well-being. I have found that most people need some form of close guidance in attaining their health because it can be challenging to learn how to live better when your trying to learn and live a new lifestyle.

I’ve been hitting the books very hard this past year learning how to manage people in getting their health back with chronic metabolic and neurologic diseases. Some of these are hypothyroidism, diabetes, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, and a host of auto-immune disorders. I’ve been able to successfully treat people with these so they can live a better life. It’s been a lot of work but I get much enjoyment out of assisting people to better health when no one else has. One of the big things I start with all my cases is to clean up the diet by decreasing inflammation. There is no way one will ever get better without eating better. You can go back to previous posts on this but this is so crucial. Check out the below post web address about why everyone should go gluten free. This is a must for everyone. I would recommend getting the testing done through my clinic where I can see if you have the DNA gene for celiac and also do an array of food sensitivity testing for gluten and other foods to see where you really are at. You can do it on your own by eliminating foods also but most people I have found want to see the test results. I use the top immunologic lab in the country at this time, called Cyrex labs, very cool stuff. Gluten just cause gut problems but once you get leaky gut you can have leaky brain and get a host of other neurological problems which someone may diagnosis as something else which the treatment doesn’t get at the cause of the problem. Check this article out at

Baseball is here

It's baseball time!!

Happy 50th to Tommy Krenz! Look for Tom to be a world champion in his new age group at the upcoming world championships. Osceola Braves baseball is right around the corner. I look forward to seeing you at the games.

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