How do you think your Brain health is?

If you have Fatigue, depression, or gasto-intestinal issues then you likely do not have the best brain function you should have.

Fatigue is never a good sign for brain function since it means you are not getting enough glucose to the brain and oxygen to the brain. Remember the brain needs two things to thrive, one is proper amounts of glucose which you get through the foods that you eat which break down do glucose. You could have a metabolic condition such as diabetes or metabolic syndrome where you are getting to much sugar that isn’t binding to receptor sites and thus your blood sugar stays high. A classic bad sign of blood sugar problems is fatigue after you eat. The goal is to never be fatigued after a meal.

If you are fatigued the brain likely isn;t getting the proper amounts of glucose and oxygen it needs to function optimally. Every metabolic process needs glucose and oxygen for energy. You don’t have the right amounts you aren’t going to be able to produce ATP which is energy. When the brain fatigues everything else fatigues, and you have no brain and nervous system endurance.. Gut motility slows down(constipation), you get tired easily at the computer or when you drive, etc. If you have a leaky gut you also probably have a leaky blood brain barrier. Not a good thing to have but I’ve helped many with this problem.

Fatigue, depression, and gut issues are just the early signs of neuro degeneration. If you or a loved one has these the time is now to do something about it. It’s not old age that is causing you to forget where you put the keys or why you haven’t pooped in 3 days. It’s your brain degenerating right before your eyes and you don’t know it.

So what can you do to help slow down the degeneration of neurons and your brain? First of all we are all degenerating daily. How fast we degenerate depends on many factors. The first is you need to address diet(brain needs fuel for energy), and the brain needs activation for endurance which is exercise. The anti-inflammatory auto-immune diet I’ve been talking about for years is what you should be doing. Click nutrition in categories and you’ll find out what it is. Secondly, you need regular aerobic and strength training. Go to categories and click for more info on that. Just get off the couch and start moving. Adjusting your spine is awesome at increasing brain activity. Numerous studies have shown this. Adjusting the spine stimulates mechanoreceptors and this increase cerebellum firing and also helps balance the two parts of your nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic.

It was great to learn the latest in neurotransmitter activity, and how it effects neuro degeneration, depression and many other neurological conditions. If you would like to get an assessment of how your neurotransmitters and overall brain health is doing just email me and I’ll send you a NTAF( Neurological assessment form), fill it out and bring it in and I’d be happy to sit down and see where you are at, on my time.

Did the 12 inches of snow make you happy or depressed, that’s todays question?

Until next time, get the ski’s back out, mid winter skiing out there. Dr. E p.s. Look for Bucky to beat Butler tonight.

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