One step forward

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Another Birkie has come and gone. 19 of these and this year was the coldest ever. As fast as it was the first half the below zero temps really caught up to me and most everyone else. A broken strap on my pole made it a bit challenging and by the time I got to the top of Bitch Hill I was starting to wear down. I hung in there and felt really good about my race. Boy, I was never so thank ful to cross the finish line and get get some chicen soup in me and get in to some warm clothes. It was even tough watching people finish since it was so cold. Next year is number 20 and I’m thinking about classically skiing it.

March is my favorite month. Spring is right around the corner, the NCAA mens and womens tourneys are coming up and all the high school tourneys are fun also. I also love spring skiing when it’s not so cold outside and the sun is beating down on your face. A few more weeks and hopefully the snow will be gone and those 50 degree temps will be here.

Do you have a plan for improving your diet and getting some exercise this spring?

What are your health goals?

What is keeping you from achieving what you want?

What will your health and life look like 1-3 years from now if you do or don’t follow through with being healthier?

If you would like some assistance with this just email me or call Mary and request my Metabolic assessment form and my NTAF form. Fill these forms out and we can sit down and talk and get a game plan together to get you ready for a great summer and more importantly turn your health around once and for all.

OK, make it a great day, and take one step forward today to be healthier than you were yesterday!

Dr. E after a race

Take that step today!

Congrats to Tom Krenz for placing 46th in this years Birkie! Tom also won his age group 45-49. That’s remarkable!!

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