Pack is back!!

What a tremendous weekend it was for the Packer fans!! Vince Lombardi is coming back to Titletown!!

For the Viking fans out there I do look forward to seeing them get to the Super Bowl and winning one. I’ll be cheering them all the way like my mom would who was a die hard Vikes fan. My dad was a Lombardi man and I grew up with Lombardi principles. If the Vikes ever make it to a Super Bowl I’m going to keep the tradition in the Edling family since my folks have been to all four Viking Super Bowl appearances.

My Dad and I at 73 Super Bowl

How about this cool fact, Aaron Rodgers grew up in northern California and his dad is a Chiropractor. Aaron has been under Chiropractic care his entire life. He currently sees a friend of mine for weekly adjustments to keep him in tip top shape. Regular Chiropractic care is something all of you can benefit and have that unfair advantage over others.

I loved seeing Bart Starr, Roger Staubauch and others that I idolized growing up on TV at the Super Bowl sunday. They looked fantastic. ESPN ran a sad story about William “the refrigerator” Perry who was the great lineman for the Bears. He’s a chronic alcoholic and is totally disabled with an auto-immune disease which could be benefitted greatly by an anti-inflammatory diet. I’ve seen a few caes like his over the years and it’s so preventable. Check out my facebook for the 5 minute story I put up about the Fridge yesterday.

It’s minus 11 this morning and I’m doing an interval session getting ready for the Birkie. Once it hits zero, I’m out there. If you ever want to see a unique and incredible event come up on the 27th of February and watch the Birkie finish in downtown Hayward. Better yet, want to change your life, then get some ski’s and sign up for next years Birkie. It changed my life and I have developed many great friendships over the years. I’ve been skiing for 23 years and it has been the best health choice I have ever made.

Finish of 1996 Birkie

Make it an exciting healthy week. Keep up the daily improvement on how you eat,move, and think. You are doing great!!! Dr. E

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