How is your support system?

We are one month into the new year, how are you doing with your overall health with what you may have committed to for 2011? What are your challenges, what is easier than you thought, what is harder?
Here is what I see what most people have struggles with. One is a clear defined goal they have made for them selves. Two, a worked out plan of attack, and three a lack of support or follow through.
First of all if you are having any struggles just Diget a piece of paper out and on the left side write out what is working and on the right write down what isn’t working. Then keep doing what is working. Keep it simple. How are you eating better, how are you moving better, how are you thinking better, do you have a good social support system?

Think summer

Here is a quick review.

1. Diet: An anti-inflammatory diet. Cut the GRAINS since they are inflammatory to your cells. keep your foods to leans meats, chicken fish, and get as much grass fed organic meats over grain fed meats. Eat tons of vegetables, stone fruits, and nuts and seeds. There is no grain or dairy or soy or yeast in this diet.

2. Exercise. Combine aerobic and resistance training. 3 days of aerobic and 3 days of resistance. Start slow and don’t over do it. You will progressively get aerobically fitter and get stronger. The key is consistancy!

3. Attitude. Believe in your self, follow through and affirm to your self how much better you are getting each and every time you eat, move, and think better

4. Surround your self with others. Group classes are great if you have a hard time working out on your own. Involve your family with what you are trying to do and that is to be HEALTHIER!! Don;’t just focus on so much weight, or inches. The bottom line is 6 months, 12 months from now you will be healthier

5. Dont forget, regular Chiropractic adjustments to keep your body working in tip top shape. You wouldn’t drive your car around out of balance or not put oil in to it. You body is a temple so do not neglect it because it will come back to haunt you.

Never give up on your self.

OK, I’m doing a peripheral neuropathy workshop this upcoming monday night at 7pm.
If you know people who have pins and needle feelings in their hands or feet,
Tingling or burning sensations
Weakness in the arms or legs
Sharp or shooting pain in arms or feet and legs
Stocking glove numbness to hands or feet
They need to hear the latest research and treatments for this devastating condition which is destroying their nerves.

Call Mary 715-294-3100 and reserve your spot since seating is limited, or email me back

When will winter end? It’s been a tough one. Keep plugging through it. I like to get a good workout outside and envision my self on a Hawaiian beach while I’m working out in below temp windchills.

Until next time make February a pivotal month in you becoming healthier!! Dr. E

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