Do what you love

What do you love to do??

Write down what you love to do and go do it. This will create energy in your life and will be great your your nervous system which needs fuel and activation.

For example, today I’m going to go cross country skiing on my day off with fellow Chiropractor Dave Leske. We are doing hill intervals to get us in the best shape for the American Birkibeiner which is only 41 days away. I love to cross country ski because I love being outdoors, especially when there is a light snow going on and it’s not so frigid, and my brain and body function so much better when I exercise. It really changes how I feel and I love the discipline of working towards a goal of better health and well-being.

I love going to sporting events. I’ll be going to watch my alma mater St. Croix Falls take on the Chieftains of Osceola tonight in basketball. I love watching kids that I have coached play to their best abilities and watch them grow and mature on and off the court. It’s great entertainment and fun to watch kids you know do well.

I love eating foods that work to keep your blood sugar regulated and give you energy you can use. If you do one thing today to improve your health the easiest things are first to eat better foods and then get some form of exercise. Very simple but most I see struggle with this. The reason I believe is not that they can’t do this but they have developed poor habits of how they take care of themselves. Some of

I love my family

it is that we value other things more than we do our own health. If you haven’t got your health you are missing out in life.

I’m here to assist you to feel better, have a better quality of life and potentially live a longer life.

Until next time, no excuses. Dr. E

P.S. If you want an copy of my anti-imflammatory diet just email me
p.s.p.s. I’ve got room for one more this thursday the 13th of Jan, workshop “The unresolved Thyroid” at my clinic 6:30pm

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