Confessions of a sugar-A-holic

Here are a couple quick confessions over the Christmas holiday season.

1. I ate a ton of cookies and sweets. The temporary quick fix it gave me also gave me the sleepy crash after. Thanks to all of you who brought cookies in. Next year moderation, we will see.

2. When I ate poorly my body responded just as poorly. I felt like an old man getting up in the morning.

3. To much beer and drinks with friends and neighbors. Just another form of sugar.

Many of you struggle with holidays and the weight. I figure the only time I really eat sweets is on the holidays so I’m good most of the year. When I’m in good shape and eat poorly though I can’t believe how sluggish I feel when I eat poorly. So what weighs more, the weight of discipline or the weight of regret when it comes to eating or most any decision in your life?

Thank God I got 75km of skiing in this past 4 days, it was my savior form all the food I ate.

Mary and friends around the pool this summer

Many of you who have got your gluten sensitivity testing done and are intolerant to gluten are doing great with your diet, keep it up!! I tried a pancake mix that was gluten free and I can;t believe how good it was. You can get it at Kowalski’ in Stillwater. I can’t remember the name if it.

Remember that if you are sensitive to gluten or carry the celiac gene you may not have any symptoms of G.I. discomfort etc. but you will have increased inflammation and skewing of your immune system and can lead to a lot of major health issues over time.

The only way you know is to get tested. I do a DNA stool sensitivity test which tests not only for gluten but also for dairy, soy, egg, and yeast. You can eliminate these foods and I bet you will feel healthier plus it’s a great way to lose weight and de-flamme your body. Remember inflammation is a major cause of poor health and disease. Or you can spend the money and get tested by me since I’m the only one that does this testing. This testing is much more sensitive than the blood test.

What I learned was again positive reinforcement that if you put good thoughts, food, and regular exercise in to your mind-body your body will respond in a positive way which is health and well-being. The opposite is also true.

2011 can either be a year that you work towards your health or against your health. I’m here to help assist and lead you towards impecable health for 2011.

Have a great New years. Send me your health goals for 2011, I’d love to support you in any way possible. Dr. E

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