New Years Starts Today

A lot of you may be gearing up for the Holiday season getting ready to make your comitments for next year.  Many of you  may have goals to lose a certain amount of weight, get more sleep, take time off, get in shape and keep in shape, join a club and keep your membership active, etc. etc.

Have a giant treat once a year, not once a week.

This may add some stress to your life once January 1st comes around.  The preparation of planning the life that  you want starts each and every day with a good mind set of who do you want to become and how are you going to get there.  It’s a little personal responsibility for your health which is something I’ve seen our society really falter at over my 24 years of practicing Chiropractic.  Look at the obesity rate  as a whole for our kids as compared to my generation.  Some kids today can barely walk a lap around the football field.  Or the increase in lifestyle meds for a poor self induced life.   We are as a society getting more sedentary and along comes with this is more metabollic problems, spinal problemss, and overall a decrease in your health and well-being.  When I was a kid you went to the Doctor if you needed some stitches, broke a bone, or twisted an ankle.  The adults had maybe a blood pressure pill and that”s it.  Now the average senior that comes to me is on at least 7 meds, and most kids on an anti-depressant or mood altering med.

Yours truly, 40 years ago with my favorite baseball glove.

There is no better time than right now to address where you are at with your health then today.  Here is what you can do.  Get a blank piece of paper and write out 3 things you want to improve with your spiritual life, your nutrition, your exercise, your family life, your vacation time, your professional life, your giving back to your community.   Then break it down to one most important one.  An example would be for nutrition would be to go gluten free.  The benefits to going gluten free would be to create anti-inflammatory environment so you have less pain and you’ll lose weight.  For exercise it may be, “I want to add 10 minutes of full body strength 4 days a week so my adjustments hold better.”   You get the idea.  Try it and see what you resonate with.  Keep it on your computer where you can see it on a regular basis and share it with your spouse, kids, or signifigant others.  You will need support, and those that get the support at home generally do better.

What are your goals for your relationship with me as your Chiropractor and mentor  for better health?  Mary and I are here for you for the long haul.  Taking care of yourself and taking care of your spine and nervous system is crucial if you want to enjoy your life now and down the road.   Will your spine last to 80,9-, or 100?  What will happen if you do nothing in the next 5 years to improve your health?  I  can’t  tell  you how many people I see I can only hope to manage things because of neglect and degeneration that have robbed people of good quality of living, or poor chronic metabolic problems which have never been addressed other than drug therapy.

We can all work at improving who we are and how we can give to others and how we can take care of ourselves.  Budget time, money, and your energy to be your best not only for 2011 but for your entire life.    Dr.E

P.S.  The Gophers have a new football coach.  Jerry Kill, who was most recently at Northern Illinois University.   I  always cheer for the underdog and he’s got his work cut out for him so lets get behind him and support him.  He’s not a big name coach who I had liked to see but this is a great opportunity for him and he h as a winning background where ever he has been and his student athletes have a high graduation rate.  The job of being a Division one football coach is incredibly pressure filled and it takes a lot of energy.  I hope he stays healthy and can do the job.

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