Mack Truck hit me

That’s exactly how I felt after I played in this years 23rd annual Turkey Bowl.

We had 18 players fight off 5 degree temps and minus 10 windchill.  It wasn’t so bad once you got moving.  I played on the winning Red team and we were against the wind the first half and trailed the whole first half.  I knew we’d come back once we got the wind with us.  Sure enough, Ellingson to Steffen for a long bomb and we pulled ahead.  We fought off a great comeback by the Black team and won 40-36.   This game starts out fun and ends up pretty darn competitive.  I was a bit sore after but by saturday I could hardly move.  I’m still feeling it today.  Thanks to all those that played and our spouses that let us play.  Here is the list of who played.  Dan Steffen, Dave Leske, Jason Ellingson and his son, the Ellingson brothers, Kirby McDonald, Kevin Rogers and his 2 sons.  Terry Baillergeon and his 2 sons, Rollo and Connor Grant, Riley Edling, John Hilpisch, Tom Krenz, Steve Siquerouis.

2010 Turkey bowl,

23rd annual Turkey bowl participants

I survived black friday and cyber monday because I didn’t buy anything.

Hey, did you hear that weight watchers is changing how they do their point system?  They are giving no points for fruits and veggies and are gearing towards all natural foods.  This is a good move I feel.  I like weight watchers because it has helped millions of people.  The new guidelines will help more because our body needs tons of veggies, some fruits, and good source of fat and protein.  Actually more of a protein based diet is what anyone with auto-immune or overweight should be on since it is anti-inflammatory and helps regulate blood sugar..  Here is the basic diet we could all benefit form.  Veggies, some fruits(stone fruits-have a higher fiber to water ratio), lean protein meats, almonds, nuts, seeds, hydrate like crazy.  The average american gains 10 pounds over the holidays.  Stay in the moment when you eat.  Ask yourself what weighs more, the discipline of good eating habits or the regret of figuring out how you are going to get those 10 pounds off starting the first of the year.  Just clean the diet up a bit each day, get regular exercise, good sleep at night, regular adjustments to help you adapt to the stress of life and  be grateful..

That’s a quick wrap up of this years Turkey bowl.  come join us on wednesday night at P.Y’s or  the game on Thanksgiving day next year.  A quick congrats to Tom Krenz who recently particpated in the World Ironman championships in Clearwater florida.  He was 12 in his age group 45-49.  He would have won the 50 and over age group so look for Tom to do well next year and also place in the top 50 at the Birkie this year.  Congrats Tom.  Tom is also going to be writing an article about the history of the Turkey Bowl for this weeks Valley Wire.  A big congrats to my alma mater the Gophers for beating up on the Hawkeyes, way to go.  also, way to go Bucky!!  Do you think Mary would let me go to the Rose Bowl?  Dr. E

P,.Y's the night before the Turkey Bowl

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