Big Life, Big Stage, Big 10.

This past weekend Mary and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Ball fund raiser for “our Community Homestead” which is a foundation to improve the lives of inner city Chicago kids who have been through the school and county system and this is now their last hope.  It was started by Ron Ward and his son Pete Ward of Wards Cabin Watch securities invited us down for the weekend and a great time we had.  It is important to give to others and to give to something bigger than our selves which can be difficult at times especially in trying times but it is necessary.  the old adage what you put out comes back to you is ever so true.  So today’s message is to give to others.

Before the ball Pete Ward, Mike Colaizy and myself went to the Northwestern-Iowa football game.  You know I love Big 10 football and I knew it was going to be a great game.  sure enough it came right down to the last minute when Northwestern drove 95 yards and scored on a 30 yard pass with a minute to go.  The hometown crowd went nuts and the Quarterback Dan Persa went to jump and celebrate his touchdown pass and ruptured his achilles tendon and has to have surgery to repair it which is so sad.

Herbie the "Wildcat" mascot and me before the game

My passion for Big 10 football started as a kid and  continues to today.  There is something about the college game that is much more attractive to me than the pro game.  I love the pomp and circumstance before during, and after the game.  I love the bands, the mascots, and love the game.  Northwestern has an old time stadium which is really cool.  They have an incredible head coach who my alma mater should find someone like him to lead the program to new heights.  By the way, the Gophers did manage to win their first Big 10 game against Illinois, way to go.  If you want to check out you can read my letter and what other former players and fans have to say.

You look at a team like the Northwestern Wildcats and you see they are half the size of the Iowa Hawkeye players and half the talent but somehow they get the job done.  I was so impressed on how the coaches coach.  I was 10 rows up behind the bench and could see the encouragement and belief that they could still win being down 10 points with 4 minutes to go.  Never give up is something the Wildcats are known for and it starts with their head coach Pat Fitzgerald .

On the field after the game celebrating

Iowa comes in to play the Gophers on the 27th of November.  There will be a ton of Iowa fans at this game.   The Hawkeye fans travel well.  Someday maybe the Gophers fans will too.

Just a heads up for next week, we will be open monday and wednesday and will be taking Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving.  Don’t forget about the Turkey bowl for those that want to play.  More details to follow shortly.  It’s our 21st year of playing.

Until next time, your health is your responsibility.  Continue doing your best in all your daily decisions that will make you healthier.  Best of luck to the deer hunters this weekend.  Dr. E

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