How does your attitude affect your well-being?

One of the most common things I hear from people regarding getting and keeping their health is “I love to workout because I feel so good”  “I love gettting adjsuted weekly because I not only feel great I function so much better when my body and mind are stressed”  “My attitude can make a huge difference in how my day goes”  Here is another version of what I hear.  “I don”t have time to workout, or I’m to tired”  “I can”t afford to get adjusted or pay for  a gym membership”, or “Why do bad things always seem to happen to me” 

Today is an attitude check day.  I’ll be the first to admit my attitude needs a daily check up if not minute sometimes, just ask Mary.   My son Connor always ask me “why do you say make it a great day everday dad before I go to school”  My answer is because you make your day.  You can have a great day or a bad day and you are right either way.    The same with most anything I believe.

Lets look at a couple of common health issues.  Not breast feeding your infant cost many childs lives and cost billions of dollars in poor health according to a study that was reported today.   People may be ignorant to the benefits or cop an attitude about why they won’t do it.  Vitamin d deficiency causes an assortment of health issues and billions of dollars on care when it’s a simple solution.  How about hydrocodone of vicadin for pain relief.  It’s there for a reason pain relief, and that’s it.  We must have a ton of people in acute or chronic pain or half addicted to it becasue it is the number one selling prescription out there.   How about most people have no idea about why they should get their spine checked for subluxations?  How much does a spinal dysfucntion, disease and a lack of communication from the brain to the body parts cost you?  Just ask anyone with poor health.  Good health pays!! 

Baseball is back!

 I know that my aches and pains are 10x better when I get adjusted weekly, do not blame others for my problems, get up and move, and really deflame my diet.  Most chronic pain syndromes can be greatly allieviated by doing the above.  Go to  and download the guidelines for a anti-inflammatory diet that works wonders for you and it’s not hard.  You just have to be educated and decide to change behaviors. 

Allright enough of  education, how about that Duke-Butler game last night.  I hope you didn”t fall asleep on the couch like former intern Ryan Hansen and miss the incredible second half.  Butler jus about won it on alast second shot from half court.  I couldn’t sleep for a couple hours after that one.  New Twins stadium and I can”t wait to go!!   Osceola Braves baseball is right around the corner and the question everyone wants to know is if fellow Chiro Dave Leske is going to pitch this year?  Look for Matt Weber to star for the Osceola boys track team this year. 

OK, I’ve been very busy studying a new diplomat program in neurology and working my tail off learning new non surgical solutions to  todays chronic health problems such as fibromyalia, peripheral neuropathy, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, M.S., R.A., auto-immune disorders, diabetes, dizziness, and thyroid conditions.  This is my next big adventure after 23 years of practice.  I’ll have more on this blog about some of the treamtents like O2 therapy, vibration, spinal decompression, low level laser, auriccular therapy, and many more brain based treatments.  Until next time, you can read me in Osceola’s alternative newpaper the “Valley Wire”, and see me at most sporting events.  Get out and enjoy the day regardless of the weather.  Dr. E

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