Spring is here!

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I’m going to officially say that spring is here.  I judge that by not only how wonderful the sun feels on my face but when my ski’s start to get mushy in the snow I know it’s jsut a matter of time and there won’t be any more snow to ski on.  OK, the Birkie is done for this year, so now I can focus on new and other fun things in my life.   One of them is how I keep in communication with you. One of the things I’m going to start doing is at a minimum weekly video eblasts to you.  I think that will help for you visual people out there, plus in my writings it’s hard to describe how to perform a certain exercise or how to prepare a certain healthy food, and I think it may be a better form of communication for you, or at least I won”t have to worry about the grammar.

Childhood obesity, medical mistakes, over prescription, more cancers, etc. etc.  When ever you turn on the TV or news it seems to be nothing but negative even though it may be true.  The bottom line is our nation is getting sicker and sicker inspite of all the incredible technologies we have today.  I see this as the best place if we ever need crisis care, but to get and keep healthy you are on your own or you can hire someone like me to lead you.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be all that difficult.  The bigest challenge is to first decide once and for all that you are going to make a committment to your self to do what it takes to be healthy.  I just did a 30 day challenge really cleaning  up my diet, no alcohol, no gluten, dairy, eggs, and I thought it was really going to be challenging but that was my headspace.  After a couple of days it wasn’t a big deal.  My energy was down a bit because of a mild cold but I didn’t get a full blown nasty Upper Respiratory infection which in the past would be the norm.  I also lost 8 pounds which was a nice benefit.  If I can do it anyone can.  I will confess, the beer after the Birkie was well worth the wait.

OK, what one thing today can you add to your diet that will make your cells healthier?  What one form of exercise can you add today that will make your muscles, joints and nerves wake up?  What one positive thought will you think that makes your brain glow today?  Do this each and everyday and a month from now you’ll notice a positive improvement in your health.  Your body wants to do one thing and that is to continually heal itself.  Just don”t get in the way of yourself with negative thoughts or bad choices in behavior.

Make it as good of day as the weather is today.  Dr. E

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