Vit. D may save your life

This is hot off the press from Mike Adams site I had ot share it with you.  I take 5-10 thousand I.U. a day and was just tested and I’m still low.  Vitamin D is inexpensive and is a must for everyone.  Ideally a blood test is the best way to see where you are at, but everyone I’ve had checked is deficient, and some have only trace levels and they are the ones with many neuromuscloskeletal problems and immune problems.  I’m getting over  a bug that wiped me out.  The good thing was it was just swollen painful lymph nodes and body aches, no respiratoy stuff which really can knock the wind out of your sails.  If I feel something coming on I just load up with 10,000 mg ov Vit. C  30,000 I.U. of Vit D.  take some oil of oregeno and get adjusted daily to balance my nervous system by removing subluxations, and really clean my diet up, hydrate, and rest.   Studies have shown that regular adjustments improve your immune response by 200%.  Another great benefit to Chiropractic care.  OK, just tried to copy and past the article but it wouldn;t let me so instead go to and you’ll see the Vit. D and breast cancer prevention article.

Check the above you tube video on why food matters.  A powerful 3 minute video.

Less than 3 weeks until the Birkie!!  Dr. E

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