Practice the tough stuff

Some of the things I do not like to do are working on  things I’m not very good at. Confrontational skills need work.   I am not good at fixing cars, putting toys together, fixing things around the house,  and keeping things organized.  We all have things we are good or not so good at.  Let us take a look at what a little discipline regarding lifestyle can look like.

Is losing weight hard?  Is working out hard?  Is sticking to your Chiropractic care plan hard?  It is if you think it is.  You may have challenges sometimes but making time for a workout daily has got to be a priority you don;t mess with.  Your care plan with me or who ever is something that your health must be a priority for you if you want to be your best.  Working on communication in your relationships in life takes work, it sometimes just doesn;t magically happen.  Coming up with money for the important things in life can be challenging but we come up with the money for things we truly value.  That’s the question you have to answer yourself.  What really is important to you?  Now how can you create a life that supports your lifestyle.  I’m not talking about materialistic things but the things that truly matter to you like family and your health.  It’s easy  for me to write these things and much harder to practice but I’m doing my best to be a better listener, be a better Chiropractor, be a better father, be a better health coach for you.

If you are inspired to work at your health and not merely just feel better then these blog posts probably resoante with you.  I sincerely hope you take one action step each week from these and move forward with them.  We live life somewhere between all the highs and lows of life and that’s where we learn about ourself.  For me it’s about sticking to a daily routine, being disciplined in eating, moving, and thinking better when I don;t want to, and listen more and talk less.  The last one is always my most challenging. 

OK, raced last weekend at Balsam Branch and that was a tough one but a lot of fun.  Only one more month until the Birkie.  Until next time, practice the not so easy things and let me know how your experience is.  Dr. E

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