Are you stuck in the rubble of life?

I’ve been watching a little to much of  CNN’s coverage of the Haiti Earthquake.  Incredible tragic even for those people but what amazes me is how these people can survive.  Last night they pulled a 70 year old grandma out who was in pretty good shape after being basically buried alive for 6 days, and today after 7 days they pulled a 7 year old out who was fine other than severe dehydration.

If something like that happened to me it would test my faith like never before.  You are either going to survive or you are going to die.  I can;t imagine what these people are going through. 

I wonder what the survival rate would be for the average american if they were in this position.  Lets give an example.  Lets say they are 50 year old male whose 50 pounds over weight, is on high blood pressure, high cholesterol medication, some sleeping meds, and also on anti-depressants.  How long would they survive the stress of an event like this?  I doubt not near as long as a local Haitian.  Why, because the average american is really not very healthy.  Two thirds of Americans are overweight, 50% do not get enough fruits and vegetables, 2/3’s  don;t workout on a regular basis, and most of us are all emotionally and possibly financially stressed in these times. 

Harsh, but true.  Now is the time to take charge of your health and your life.  I see people daily who have neglected their body and mind for too long and look to me for their quick fix.  Yes, pain relief is great but fixing and managing your chronic poor life style is going to take a shift in how you think and how you live your life if you truly want to be healthy. 

If you want to live to 100 and have a quality of life that is rewarding what are you going to have to do.  One of the things I’m very disciplined  in  is my exercise routine.   I make that a number one priority and try to get it in as soon as I can in the day so I don’t make an excuse not to get in in.   Your spine needs to move and the disc needs to live and exercise is crucial for this.  Regular Chiropractic adjustments are essential for good spinal health and good nervous system health.   There is nothing worse for me than seeing X-rays that are completely fused with decay.  A stiff rigid spine causes you to age prematurely and causes health problems let alone bad back pain. 

If you have not been in for a while get in and let me check your spine to see how you are doing. Lets go over how you are doing with your lifestyle also.  An ounce of prevention is worth a poud of gold. 

It’s been great outside so get out and walk and partake in winter outdoor activities.  I got a great 2 hour interval ski on the Birkei trail with felllow Chiros Ryan Hansen of Hayward Wi, nad Dave Leske of Dresser who also jsut opened his own office in Edina.  Come watch us at the Birkie this year, it’s going to be a great one. 

Ok, time to run, make it a great day and take action today to be healthier.  Remember, it never costs you a dime to have a consult with me.  Dr. E

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