Brain health for the holidays.

I just got in from a session of interval training at Troll Hollow and it was brutal cold.  New gloves  couldn’t keep my hands warm.  One reward Dave Leske and I do is get a cup of hot cocoa after stressing our body to make us faster on the x-ski’s.  Boy, that tasted so good today.

I heard something today from the NIH(National institute of health) that absolutely stunned me.  59% of all adults do zero exercise.  Are you kidding me?   Wow!  If 40% do get exercise I wonder how many do it frequently, and add some form of strength or resistance training along with aerobic training?

Our ancestors who  were hunter gathers and even today there are tribes on this planet who are hunter gather’s who have zero diabetes, hypertension, and  minimal cardiovascular and degenerative  diseases.  These people move their bodies on average of 4-5 hours per day.  They eat meat that is wild which is not grain fed.  It is high in omega 3’s which are excellent for the brain and just about every other organ and cell in your body.

Our body and mind have adapted from movement based to a sedentary based.  This sedentary lifestyle is destructive to healthy posture, wears on your nervous system and will preceed and cause old age.  It will also be toxic to your brain.  A lot of people get depressed around the holidays.  No sunlight, not enough exercise, financial stress, kids driving you nuts, poor diet, to much partying around the holidays and you will be driving yourself into more depression and anxiety and sleepless nights.   Remember your body wasn’t designed to have this chronic stress over months and years.  It does the right thing by getting anxious and depressed, hypertension, insomnia, fibro fog of your brain, dizziness, headaches, back pain, most of these are all stress related illnesses that can be prevented by changing your lifestyle.

Here are a few tips.

1.  More sunlight.  Even though it was cold, I got out and got some sun.  If not, get a sunlight.  Go to and you can order one.  They work great.

2.  More exercise.  Zero degrees, I was out there.  Find something you like and just go for it.  We also have great classes at Wild River fitness.  Join me tomorrow night for Heather and Judy’s bodyflow class which is a great class combining yoga and pilates.

3.  Add more omega 3″s(fish oils).  I’ve got 2 great kinds I use.  If your’s smell rancid they are and throw away.

4.  Cut grains and grain fed meats.  Go to and download the guidelines.  They also have mp3 lecture on the deflaming guidelines.  This is an antiinflammatory diet.   Inflammation causes disease.

5.  Regular adjustments stimulate  the cerebellum which slows the upper brainstem down which has a calming effect and allows the brain to function properly.

6.  I just got my neurotransmitters checked at Neuroscience here in Osceola.  I think this is going to be a big part of my practice as this can beenfit so many people who have way to much stress in their life.  I’ll be posting more information about this and how you can get tested in the upcoming weeks.

7.  More hydration.  You lose more water in the winter than the summer if you are out in the cold so be sure to hydrate.

8.  Get plenty of sleep.  I need 8-9 hours for full recovery.

9.  Count your blessings

10.  Attitude is everything.  What one positive thing will you do today to help your mind body be better?

OK, that’s it for this week.  I’ll see you on the trails!  Dr. E.   p.s.  The “D” train spent $1200 on Cross country ski equipment today.  Only 74 days until his first Birkie.  P.S.P.S.  Cross country skiing changed my life.  You want to know more about it just give me a jingle or go to

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    I just got in from a session of interval training at Troll Hollow and it was brutal cold.  New gloves  couldn't keep my hands warm.  One reward Dave Leske and I do is get a cup of hot cocoa after stressing our body to make us faster on the x-ski's.  Boy, that tasted so good today. I heard som
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