Tiger, Turkey Bowl, and Golf.

Wow, it was a crazy busy last 5 days.  The 21st annual Turkey Bowl was another success.  The red team beat the black team 30-24.  We had a chance to win on the last play of the game but just could not pull it off after a valiant effort.  We were outmatched, but we hung in there.  There where no broken bones or concussions this year but I’m still a little sore from the game and I’ve been working out.  Check out the photos, you may recognize some of the guys playing. 

I got some good working out this weekend.  Back at roller skiing with the boys and the Sunday run bunch at William O’Brien sure was fun.  All we need now is some snow and we will be ready to start the cross country skiing.  Amy Frischmann says they are busy at Wild Mountain and welcomes all of you for a great day of skiing.

Well I got my fix of carbs this Thanksgiving.  My sister Jude made a killer stuffing and I stuffed myself.  Glad that’s only a few times a year.  I feel and do so much better when I do things in moderation.  4 pieces of pie was a bit too much also but it was so good.

Mary and I saw the movie Blindside, the Sandra Bullock movie about Micheal Ohre the offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens.  What an inspiring story it was.  It just goes to show you that you really can accomplish anything if you put your heart and mind and dedicate yourself.  It helps to have a great support system.  I try to be a support system for you.  I can lead you to better health but you have to want it and want to work on it daily.  You body-mind will reward you if you do with great health and a sense of well-being, and that is priceless.

We all are looking for great deals this time of year but a little investment in your health is the best investment.  The “D Train”, Connor and myself went out on Friday afternoon and it was still crazy.  So glad I didn’t buy that TV, even though it was a great deal.

Dave Leske and I golfed on Friday afternoon in St. Croix.  Dave shot par and I kind of hacked around but we sure had fun.  I love to play and make the most of my time away form the office.  We also got the Christmas tree up and it looks great.  It’s really dry this year.  No candles on this one.

OK, less than a month to Christmas.  A lot of people get caught up in the chaos of Christmas and forget to take care of themselves.  Do one thing healthy for yourself  today and for the next 30 days and you’ll be surprised buy your success.   You can do it!!  Mary and I are here for you, go out and make someone else’s day a great day!  Dr. E

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