Have a great Thanksgivng!

 This past year has been a great year for me.  I got reunited with old Gopher football players which was a thrill for me again.  Mom got through her bypass and is doing great now.  Riley had a great summer in baseball and Connor is swimming hard year round, and Mary is still enjoying working with me.    Now some people would say working with your spouse could be disaster for a relationship.  I guess it’s how you look at it.  Mary does a great job at the things I just don’t like to do and is great with all of you.  I’m grateful for her and her committment to our practice. 

Last night I was at a forum at the Osceola High School on Steroids and other performance enhancers.  I know there was a few guys using the juice as we called it but I think it was much more of a problem years after I had left the U.  What was a problem was binge drinking and the use of pot.  The black guys used a lot of pot and the white guys drank.  For me it was a release after a hard week of trying to do everything on and off the field.  Our release was saturday night and it was ususally a party on saturday night and you would just get lit up.  I never once went out my freshman year during school nights since I was committed to geting good grades and doing the right thing.  But when weekends came along look out.  I wonder if much has changed in 30 years for teens and young adults?  Whatt I see now is much more use of OTC drugs like anti-inflammatories which were once prescription only and many other OTC’s that really are a detriment to your health but are used commonly everyday.   

My message to the students was that your body is like a temple and the better you take great care of it the better it will respond for you.  This is the best performance enhancer.  For me it’s eating a anti-inflammatory diet, getting 8 hours a sleep a night, exercising daily, and getting adjusted and a massage weekly.  Having success with your health is something we can all have and is much easier than dealing with consequences of not dealing with your health.  Most chronic conditions are a result of to much stress on our mind-body and the body has just adapted the way it was designed to.  You are either working towards health or away form it everyday with your choices.  

Turkey Bowl is Thanksgiving morning at the Osceola football field at 10:30-to noon.  This is our 21st year and I’m ready for a great game.  Come on by and watch and if you are up to it how about playing?  It’s pretty intense but it’s one of the highlights of the year for all of us who play.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, and say a little dressing for me!!  Dr. E.  p.s.  We will be closed this friday.



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