Are your weekends exciting?

Wow, what a great week and weekend I had.  It was highlighted by my friend Bob Sudler who came up from Miami for business and was able to come up and spend some time with Mary and I in the St. Croix Valley.  Bob’s a great guy and I’m so appreciative that he called me a year ago for the Gopher reunion.  I loved being able to show him the Valley.  I think he wanted a tour of the funeral home but it was locked up.  When we were kids we never had the doors locked.  People would be soscared to dare go in a funeral home.  I’ve got to take that back.  On a couple of occasions when the trains used to come through St. Croix Falls we’d get some Hobo’s who were either drunk or mentally ill who would stagger up the steps looking for food, clothes, or glasses so they could see.  Here’s a picture below of former Gophers getting together at the Game/

Adam Kelly, Bob Sudler, Jeff Moritko, Steve Edling

 Talk about a lousy game.  The Gophers barely beat Divison 2 South Dakota State.  I thought it would be a 40 point victory.  You better show up with your game face on and be ready to play.  I kept hearing whispers of Dungy for coach.  If the Gophers played every play as hard as the Jackrabbits they could compete with anyone. 

Here is what’s going on at the clinic.  I’ve got a new non-surgical decompression unit that works fantastic for many different back and neck conditions like disc problems, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, facet syndrome, subluxation degeneration, and many other problems that effect people daily.  You don’t have to suffer anymore.  If you want to experience what spinal decompression feels like just email me and I’ll give you a free session. 

We also have low level laser therapy which is extremely cool.  I’ve been using it for my shoulder problem and it’s working great.  I’m having great success with it on Carpal tunnel syndrome and peripheral neuropathy cases.  It’s exciting to be adding these new therapies along with Oxygen therapy to help you all out.  you may be thinking why would I use O2 in my office.  It all started with me using on myself with decompression when my back got bad this year and I got better much faster than I have ever before when my back got bad.    Your brain needs two things for survival, fuel and activation.  Your brain gets it’s fuel through the foods we eat which break down to glucose, and Oxygen which the air we breathe only consists of 21% O2 and 70% nitrogen.  I can use an oxygen concentrator and get your Oxygen up to 90%.  Your brain and nervous system will work better, mine sure does.  The activation your brain needs is exercise and some of the other things like Chiropractic adjustments, decompression, and vibration therapy.   

OK, a couple of congrats.  One to Maureen and Kevin Rogers on their 14th wedding anniversary.  Congrats to Dr. Dave Leske on opening his new Chiropractic office in Edina!!   Until next time, keep moving forward with all your challenges and opportunites!!   Dr. E

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