Chicago or bust!!

Good day everyone.  We finally have our Indian Summer and I’m going golfing one last time tomorrow.  Mary and I had an incredible weekend in Chicago with good friends Pete and Michelle Ward, Anne and Jason Prokop, and Doran and Jenny O’Brien.  It was for a fundraiser for Orphaned kids.  What an incredible time it was as you can see all of us dressed up in the picture below. 


All dressed up and ready to roll!!

When we got down to our hotel and while we were eating sure enough no on other than the great Mario Lemieux (Pittsburg Pengiuns star) showed up with his son who was playing in a hockey tournament.  There must have been a thousand kids from all over the country at our hotel, and even a team from Russia was there. 

We watched all the Big 10 games at a Champ’s sports bar while the girls did a little shopping.  Can you believe how the Gopheres laid an egg against Illinois?  I know our buddy Nate was not happy about the Iowa loss but they just aren’t that good. 

It was a beautiful evening and the Gala was at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle Il.  It was great to hear the stories of these orphaned kids from inner city Chicago do well in their new environments.   I guess we have it pretty good around here.  Check out the dancing scene.  Those girls put the smack down on me.  This white boy couldn’t keep up with them on the dance floor.


White man can dance?

I feel we can give charitable contributions not only through money but volunteering your time, energies, and monies locally can help so many less fortunate than ourselves.  The more you give the more you get.  If you haven’t met Pete Ward yet please do, he’s a giver big time.  We appreciate Pete and his wife Michelle and all they do not only locally but on a national level. 

Sometimes I preach to the choir to much about healthy living and forget to take care of myself in the process..  One in particular is to just get away even if it’s only for a short weekend.  Seeing new things, doing fun stuff, getting dressed up, going dancing are so fun and relaxing.  I feel so relaxed and less stressed today at work and can serve you all better when I’m not tired and stressed.  So get out and take a break, I like these action packed weekends more than taking a week off.  I think I’d miss you guys to much.  OK, go out and give yourself away with your talents!!  Dr. E  p.s. Check out how great Mary looks in her dress.

all dressed up

Lucky guy!

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