How you can prevent getting the flu

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Building your self up naturally is not only the healthiest way to potentially stay healthy and not get the flu or swine flu but is the safest and most cost effective way. 

Here is what I do, and reccomend to others. 

1.  Stay hydrated.  Most people are dehydrated, start drinking lots of water.  Pee until it’s clear.

2.  Regular exercise.  I’m off for a roller ski right after I post this.   Exercise activates your nervous system and helps your immune system stay strong. 

3.  Vitamin D.  Add 5000 I.U. daily and 4x that if your feeling like you may be getting something.  I’ve done this for years.  Most people are deficient in Vitamin D.  Especially those who don;t get sunlight.

4.  Get adjusted.  I can’t tell you how many times patients say to me that since htey have been getting regular adjustments they don;t get sick as much.  It seems like Chiro patients have an unfair advantage over others which is proven in research that oxidative stress levels are lower in adjusted people over those that aren’t by 200%.  That’s another reason why I reccomend weekly adjustments to once a month dpeending on each person.

5.  Many natural remedies such as onions, garlic, olive leaf extract, goldneseal, echineachea, and many others are great for you.

6.  Cut SUGAR!!!  This is huge.  Not justt table sugar but all forms of simple sugars.   Go to and download the guidelines for an anti-inflammatory diet. 

7.  Zero junk food.

8.  Count your blessings.

9.  Stay positive

10.  Don’t live in fear of catching something, but rather how can I be healthier through how I live and think. 

Just add one of these to start and you are on your way to building your immune system up and become dis-ease proof!

Also, good hygiene is important.

Oh, by the way, did you ever think why we  have the flu now and not in July?  I await your answer.   Have a safe Halloween!!  Dr. E

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One Response to “How you can prevent getting the flu”

  • Great recommendations Dr. Edling, totally agree. Loved the one about not living in fear of getting something. If you think you have an itch, you’ll start itching! Focus on the cause and prevention and your body will feel and function much better. Keep rollerskiing big boy, looking forward to Birkie!

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