Chicago Cubs, coaching starts

I’m back from an incredible weekend in the windy city Chicago.  Connor and I had an incredible time! My highlight was a Cubs game and Connor’s was the Museum of Science and Industry.  If you ever get to Chicago check out this museum.  It is truly incredible.  The jet hanging from the ceiling blew me away.  We went through the U-505 German submarine tour and that was very cool also.  The Cubs game is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid and finally made it happen.  Wrigley field is one of a kind.  If you are a baseball fan at all you’ve got to go.  Look out for the scalpers.  We got in for $55 a ticket first row upper deck.  The bleachers were going for anywhere between $120-150 per seat.  Boy, they can put their beer down at Wrigley.  I saw one guy through down a beer every inning and he was just getting warmed up.  The L train and bus system was fun, and the beautiful bulidings of Chicago made it a great weekend.  I just about forgot about the Blue Angels.  It was the Airshow weekend and the Blue Angels were flying right over your head and was that loud and exciting!!

Wrigley field

Wrigley field

I start my 4th year of youth football coaching.  Every year is different.  This year our numbers are down so I only have 14 kids compared to 20 last year.  Tim Germain and Tyler Ahlstrand are the other two coaches and do a great job with the kids teaching fundamentals of football and making it a great learning experience and a lot of fun for the kids.  Honk your horn when you see us practicing by the schools tuesday and thursday late afternoons and come to a game and watch these kids have fun. 

My back is doing 80% better after 2 weeks.  Once you start having disc problems you really have to manage them.  This is my 3rd bad episode over a 10 year period of time.  Daily adjsuting, and a lot of good self care and I’m on my way to better function.  The reptition of  what I do all day is not the greatest for my body so I have to be careful that I keep my spine in a neutral position and really keep my core fit and strong which is the easy part.  Many people spend thousdands of dollars and months and years of suffering when they have disc and joint problems.  You really don’t have to.  You do need a coach and that’s what I can do for people who have these problems.  Adjusting is probably the most effective form of care for these problems.  Epidural cortisone injections, pills, and possibly surgery are incredibly expensive and don’t really address a lot of issues other than pain releif.  The goal should not only be pain relief, but full function.  

OK, make it a great week, and keep eating, moving, and thinking your way to better health.  Remember, your health is not a sprint but rather a marathon.  Take it one day at a time and add something positive to it in all aspects!!  Dr. E

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