Learning new treatment options to help you

If you checked last weeks video you knew I was struggling with my low back.  I’m doing much better but have a ways to go.  I know that when you are dealing with chronic issues it’s a marathon and not a sprint.  It tests your patience since it’s no fun not being able to do what you want to.  I’m 80% better in pain reduction and improved function so making great progress.  The power of what Chiropractic has to offer people is incredible.  I was getting adjusted daily and doing my best to get as much movement which activates the nervous system as possible and then take extra good self care with cleaning up the diet, and being positive.

The one benefit to being laid up is this has given me some time to hit the books.  I’ve been learning some very cool strategies and treatments for chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, migraines, disc problems, periheral neuropathy, and many other neuromuscloskeltal disorders.  The missing link for some of these conditions is to get oxygen in to the brain for fuel.  Your brain needs 2 things.  Glucose from food source, and oxygen.  The air we breathe is made up of only 70% o2, 20% nitrogen, and the rest is a little bit of everything.  I did not know this.   As we all age we decrease our ability to process O2.  It’s called oxidation, thus a lot of us take anti-oxidants. Research has shown that if you combine exercise which activates the brainstem and combine that with O2 therapy you can get some amazing results for acute problems and the chronic ones which seem to never get better. Adjusting the spine is absolutely necessary for proper activation of nerve pathways to the brain which then go to all the different body parts.   I will let you know when I have my O2 equipment in and when we will be implementing this new service.  The bottom line is my job as a healer is to do what I can to help you heal and it’s frustrating for the both of us if I can’t help you or no one else has either.  I’m excited about learning and implementing this new service. 

Don’t forget I’m out of the office this thursday and friday.  Going to take my son Connor to Chicago for a guys weekend.  Looking forward to spending time with him since he starts high school in a month I can bet he won’t want to be spending a lot of time with Mary or me.  I’ve never had a Chicago dog so I’m having one, and taking in a Cubs game.  Until next time, keep learing and living the best life you can and take time for your family!!  Enjoy the nice heat and do you think Tiger will win the PGA at Hazeltine?  Make it a great day, I’ll share some photos next week.  Dr. E

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