Singles are better than homeruns

Last night the boys and I watched the homerun derby and we loved every monster shot by some of the biggest  youngest strongest stars  of baseball like Prince Fielder  and Joe Mauer.  Prince won the competition going away and he hit one over 500 feet.  He swings so hard I feel he’s going  to come right out of his cleats.  Joe Mauer on the other hand didn’t fare as good in the competition but has the most consistant swing and the best eye I’ve ever seen at the plate.  Joe has 15 homeruns and you would think being 6 foot 6 and 230 he’d have more.  Joe led the majors in hitting the last 2 years and he’s on pace to be a hall of famer if he can avoid injury.  Joe would rather get single and doubles and get people in versus 50 homers and tons of strikeouts.  I heard he only struck out once in his whole high school careeer. 

Osceola youth baseball traveling team 5th and 6th grade

Osceola youth baseball traveling team 5th and 6th grade

To get your health back and to keep your health you can do it with some homeruns(lets say working out 1x week or watching your diet closely one day a week) or you can plug along with daily hits towards better health by being consistant with one good at bat for your health daily in what your food choices are, how you consciously think, and how you exercise daily.  I’d take  this analogy of baseball 6 hits a week over one homer a week and apply it everyday to your health and see what happens.  If you don’t have the fundamentals and skill sets for better living there are people who can assist you.  There are organic farms and farmer markets  where you can buy fresh produce and many sites on line on how to prepare it.  .  I can help you move better so you don’t age prematurely by getting your spine and body moving better.  If you need a group or personal one on one attention call Mike at the Wild River fitness and he’ll get you on the right track .  Summer is a great time to get a book and read.  I just  started a book by Harold Kushner called Living a life that matters. 

Just imagine everyday that you are taking the action steps to attain one of your dreams.   Do you have health dreams?  We think about vacation dreeams, and what retirement may look like but lets be in the moment today and  focus on one task of the day that will move you towards better health and well-being  and away from sickness and disease patterns.  I believe in you!!  I want nothing but sucess for all of you.  Go out today and get a single and then follow up with another one.  If you strikeout don’t get your head down.  Keep believeing and taking  a single action step today, not tomorrow.  Until next time, keep up your core work and keep your nervous system healthy with regular adjustments!  Dr. E

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