Billie Jean shouldn’t have took the drugs

I just got done doing a spin class from the master fo spin Mike Colaizy at the Wild River Fitness center.  It was all Micheal Jackson music.  Thriller, Bad, Billie Jean, all my old favorites that will never fade away.  What a tragic ending to an incredible genius of  person who had his own demons.   The creativity and the performer Micheal Jackson was and then to see him basically be a drug addict of prescription drugs is just sad.   Deepok Chopra said they killed him and that their were many enablers in Micheal Jacksons camp.  I thought how could someone with that much genius have that much pain to really just want to die.  You can’t be healthy on medications it’s as simple as that.  People don’t realize it but the number one killer in the U.S. is prescription side effects.   I certaintly wouldn;t be in business if I was hurting, or people dying on my table.   

 I did some track 800 meter intervals with Mike Colaizy and Greg Brown. this morning.  I saw this woman that looked familiar but I couldn’t for the life of me think of her name.  We were running and she was walking.  After we finished I had asked about why she was walking.  Her response was “instead of sitting in the car waiting for my son to get done with cross country practice I thought I could benefit from walking around the track since I’ve let my body go”  She also said that it took her 5 minutes per lap last week and this week it was much easier. 

Hats off to her!!  She could have just as easy sat in the car and waited.  Instead she took action to get her body moving which is necessary for you to be healthy.  Anyone, anywhere is my motto.   Just get your body moving.  I always say sitting to the spine is like sugar to the teeth.  Did you know that during the hunter gather period the average person walked a marathon a day for hunting and fishing  just to keep alive.  Today the average family spends less than 3 minutes a day with their kids, eats Con-Agra foods for most of their meals, and doesn’t exercise consistantly.  Is their no wonder we have the myriad of health issues that Physicians, Chiropractors have to deal with.  Lets look at cause and not treat effects. 

Come on everyone, it’s July 7th, the best time of the year to get moving and start living better.  Take a step forward to being your best!  You’ll be ever so happy you did.  You can be a role  model for others by just  taking better care of yourself one day at a time.  Like John Wooden who is 97 years old said “If your not making mistakesyour not doing anything”  Don’t feel bad about mistakes, just learn from them and change the behavior.

I need your assistance.  We have to many people out there that I can potentially help get their health back and then teach them how to keep it in a  Chiropractic wellness paradigm.  Who do you know that could benefit form me checking them out?  I want our community to be healthier, not sicker.  I want people to be on less drugs, and have less surgeries.  I want our kids to be healthie than my generation.  Right now we as a  society are sicker than ever.  The time is now for all of us to be pro-active with our help.  I appreciate your referrals and would love to see you also.  Check the ad out in this weeks Osceola Sun and the upcoming Valley Wire.  Good opportunity for you!   Next monday’s class is on The important benefits of Vitamin D.  Get some sun today!!  Dr. E

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