Acetominophen(tylenol), good or bad for you?

Quick post this week for your long awaited fouth of July weekend.  Mary's 50th 007

I was speaking to a CEO of a 140 million dollar company the other day and he was saying how incredible this country is compared to any others he has traveled and done business in.  You can be and do anthing,  this is the land of opportunity.  He was so positive and so right on.   He was touting hard work and treat others like you’d like to be treated and there is no reason you can’t be successful.    I couldn’t agree more. 

FDA warns about tylenol use and tylenol with other products such as nyquil because of overdosing and liver failure.  Most people take Tylenol on occassions when they are in pain and that should really only be when you are really hurting and ice doesn’t cut it, and for short duration only.  My last tylenol was probavly 20 years ago after a root canal.  This and many other OTC medications are not only toxic to you but can kill you.  I’ve been talking about this for years and  it’s nice to see that the (FDA which really is looking out for the drug companes) is taking action on this for more consumer awareness.  If you have aches and pains that’s your body telling you something isn’t working right.  Covering it up  never gets at the cause.  Alternatives for pain control that work great are adjustments, an anti-inflammatory diet, ice, fish oil, and many herbs and natural remedies that don’t have side effects. 

We had a great party for Mary, check the pictures.  We did facebook and email  for invites, and some word of mouth if you were in the clinic.  Stayed up to 3am which is unheard of for me, and didn’t feel to bad.   Way to go Mary, you are a hotty in the house at 50!!!Mary's 50th 100

To my friends Ron Hyde and Bob Sudler old friends from the U, I shot 74 at the U course on sunday, can’t wait to play with you guys sometime!!  Mary's 50th 111

Have a safe, relaxing 4th every one, we are off Thursday and friday and back in 7am monday.

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