In the moment

One of the many hats I wear and am is being a parent to two teenage boys.  The only experience I have with this is from coaching and dealing with teens in the office, and my own teen experiences.   But when it’s your own it’s a whole new ballgame.  I at times don’t enjoy this sort of a power struggle but I’m trying to learn what works best.  For all you parents out their this is a challenge at times but also a great opportunity to learn a bit about yourself.

If you ‘ve ever played baseball or hit a golf ball you’ll know exactly what it’s like to be in the moment at the particular instant you hit the ball.  Everything has to have your full attention in order for a good contact on the ball.   I try to relate this to being with kids.  Be in the moment now when you are with them.  Listen first, talk second.  When they ask some outrageous question just repeat it back to them to make sure you have it right.  

I liked the other day when one of Riley’s girlfriends came up to me and introduced herself and said “I hear you are pretty strict”.  Right on I said.   Wow, she’s a bold kid I thought.  Yes, leading your children through actions speak much louder than words.  The same when I’ve been coaching Riley to hang in there with his baseball hiting.  He’s been striking out a lot lately and he has a beautiful swing.  He just needs some confidence.  Everyone strikes out,  just picture your next at bat completely focused on the task of making a good swing and connecting with the ball.  Picture it happening.  What a difference a few hits can make, now he’s much more relaxed and confident up there.  We all get in ruts at time.  The best way out is to imagine what it looks like to be successful and then relax, trust yourself,  take action, don’t give up,  and let it happen.  

Ok, here is what’s going on at the office.  Big pizza night at the pizzeria in Dresser, Monday 6.22.09 at 6:30.  We already have 15 people signed up.  Room for 10 more is all.  This is a fun night with great pizza and salad bar on us.   Mary and I will talk for a few minutes about keeping positive and healthier in tough times.   Call 294-3100 to save a spot for you and a friend who could use a little inspiration. 

Next monday’s class is  “Fats that heal, fats that kill”, always a popular class.   Every monday night at 6:30 we have classes at my office and are open to people.  Learn how you can feel better, have a better quality of life, and potentially live a longer, stronger life.   

There are a ton of people out their who are not living life up to their God given ability because of neglect to their body.  Who do you know that you wish would come in to at least get their spine checked out?  I’d be more than happy to call them and just check up with them.  It’s sad when someone comes in and all I can do for them is do patch work because they have neglected themselves so much.  Hey a special hi out to my facebook friends.  I’m limiting myself to 5 minutes daily.  This is a great social media where you can meet new friends and keep in touch with long lost friends. Dr. E

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