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It sure was a fantastic beautiful weekend up here in God’s country.  I put on 750 miles on my car from Saturday morning to monday morning.  I also ran the inaguaral Stillwater half marathon, played 27 holes of golf and hosted 50 people at our annual Memorial day weekend pool party.

I was driving home from Garrett Zimmermans graduation party in Hillsboro Wisconsin (Garrett had a great career there.  His dad Greg was formely the middle schol principal here in Osceola.) when I got the itch to do the half marathon.  When I got home I quick registered and my friend Doran O’Brien came over and told him what I was doing and he signed up also!  So we are jacked up about this half marathon thinking how cool this is going  to be.  We go pick our bips up in Stillwater and grap a bite to eat and I’ll pick him up at 5:30am. 

I”m right on time and Doran has an expresso waiting for me.  I think it’s my first one ever.  Wow, that was strong!  As we take off I didn’t see Doran set his coffee on the dash and sure enough it spills all over him.  He’s going to smell like coffee the whole race.  Boy oh boy it isn’t starting off well.  We get to Stillwater and you can feel the energy of the event.  One last stop at the port-a-potty and I’ll be good to go.  We get to the starting area and there are thousands of people milling around excited to run.  I check my left shoe to make sure I’ve got my chip on ad can’t see it.  Oh no, I can’t beleive it, I just had it.  Doran said it was in my hand when we were walking and then I knew it’s got to be in the port-a-potty.  I run 5 blocks to the port-a-potty and sure enough it’s in there.  yes, I had to fish it out. 

I’m totally embarressed and stressed.  I mentally calmed myself down and found Doran at the start.  I had to get the negative events that had happened out or it was going to be a long run.  The gun went off and off we all wet.  The great thing about sports is it makes you focused.  If you want to perform you’ve got to be in the moment and sports do this for me like nothing else.  Time seems to stand still when doing a race.  13.1miles is a ways and the longest run I’ve done this year is 10 miles.  I felt great at the halfway point and then by mile 10 I started t feel it.  First in the legs and then the hips.  This is where you do everything to block out how am I going to finish these last 3 miles.  I did and so did many other locals.  Rhett and Julie Neuman did their first one, I saw middle school principal Becky Styles finish strong, Kelly Johnson finished great.  Doran finished and then we celebrated with a nice brunch. 

There was over 3,500 people participating in the Stillwater race.  We all have our own experiences and I think that is what keeps us going.  It’s a positive experience.  For me, if  itwasn’t there is no way I would do it.   Life is like a race, things happen and you adapt and move forward with the goal of finishing even though you are really never done training.  I love being in the game of life and I want you to be at your best in whatever your passions are.  Keep being your best, and let your actions speak louder than your words!!!  Dr. E

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