Strikeouts are good

Last night Mary and I attended our son Riley’s first baseball game.  I got there 30 minutes late since I was teaching a stress management class at my clinic.  Oh, by the way every monday night at 6:30pm  I have 30 minute wellness strategy classes that are open to all of you, I’d love to see you.  So I’m pulling my car up and Riley is getting up to bat.  I like every other parent on the face of the earth wants to see their child have success in whatever they want to do.  His first 2 swings he missed but he took good cuts.  My next thought was that he needed to be aggressive and anything close he has to be swinging.  Sure enough he let the next one go and it was a called strike on the outside corner.   Next at bat he looked tense between pitches.  Two swings missed and the 3rd pitch called strike.  As a dad and coach I felt for him since that was exactly what he was so fearful of was striking out and letting his team down.  Sometimes we focus on the wrong end result and then that’s what we get. 

I asked him after the game how he felt the game went and he said it went good after the butterflies went away.  

We look at strikeouts as something bad.  Strikeouts are a great learning opportunity to improve.  Harmon /Killerbrew led the league in strikeouts when I ws a kid and he was my hero.  In life unless we get up to the plate, take a stand , committ to something, can we have success.  Sometimes we have many failures before we have success.  Keep stepping up with your health.  What is the one thing you will do today to improve how you eat, move, and think?  Maybe it is calling in and making an appointment with me to get your spine checked, maybe it is to tell your spouse how appreciative you are for all they are and do, maybe it is a brisk walk outside even if it’s raining out.  Your past doesn’t define your future.  Take charge of your life today and encourage others when they have strikeouts in life.   Keep practicing your way to better health and don’t let the strikeouts get you down.  Don’t shoot for the homeruns in life right away, but  focus on getting singles and the homeruns will come.    Go out and support our youth, they are our future!!  Dr. E

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