Swine flu, another paralysis by analysis?

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I couldn’t have said it much better.

There are many more things to fear than the swine flu.  How about our behaviors on how we eat, move, and think? Those are what either create disease and pathology over time or create health, abundance, and a longer vital life.

Here are a couple of strategies to prevent the flu?
1. Regular Chiropractic adjustments. Studies have shown that regular Chiro care increases your immune competence 200% and 400% if you are immune compromised. Also, in the 1918 flu pandemic people who got the flu and were under Chiro care had a incredible percent of decreased deaths as compared to those under medical care.
2. Vitamin D 5000 I.U/ daily, or 30 minutes of full body sunlight daily
3. Hydrate yourself. Drink a lot of water so you don’t get dehydrated.
4. CoQ10 for energy. This is a powerful anti-oxidant
5. The best anti-oxidant and fish oil is moxxor. I have it at my office.
6. Wash your hands
7. Count your blessings
8. Be positive
9. Live fearless
10. Get some exercise!!!!!!!     p.s. Ron Paul is a Medical Doctor and congressmen

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