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I took Connor (he’s 14 today) to the Auto show last week and the Buzz was not so much the cars but the incentives  to get you to buy.  I talked to numerous people at Huyandi who said they are really busy this year with the marketing of  if you lose your job the company will make payments for you for 3 months.  Today Ford announced that they would pay up to a year at $500/month payments if you lost your job, and you could bring the car back without any questions asked. 

Times sure have changed.  I remember when interest rates on new cars were 15% and that was when they were making some really poor cars.  Remember the “K’ car by Chrylsler,  and the Ford Fairmont?  Boytheywere really bad  cars.

My first car was a 1953 Chevy that was Mrs. Hoglunds down the street.  She died and we bought it back in 1978.  I think that car sat in her garage for at least 10 years wihtout ever being used. I drove it for 10 years.  It was called the Schmedmobile and it barely got up the big hill in St. Croix falls. 

It’s very interesting marketing and it seems to be working for Huyandi since their internet sales are up 22% from last year.  We’ll see how Ford and the other compaines fare as well. 

I don’t know if that’s something I would do to be honest with you.  I think it is important to value the services that you provide, plus you need to keep the lights and heat on.  I just started a scholarship for those that serve in the military and are coming back from Iraq.  They can come in for care on me for an entire year.  This is the least I can do for them  Many are struggling with post traumatic stress syndrome and Chiropractic is a great service for them.   The more stress you have in your life the harder the nervous system is working and adaptibility towards sickness and eventually disease will occur. unless it’ addressed.  Adjustments help you  better adapt to theses stressors. 

If you are having a challenge just let me and Mary know what’s up.  We are more than happy to work with you and not against you.  We are here not to add more stress but assist you to a better quality of  life with a Chiropractic lifestlye   Now that’s worth something.   

I was down in the cities visiting one of my favorite patients who is having some major health challenges.  I just do not do well with hospitals.  They really are for sick sick people.  This isn’t health care but instead should be called sickness care.   Thank God for places where people can go when they are really ill.   

I am very passionate about what I do about getting the message out their about Chiropractic and wh

What a classic

What a classic

at it can do for you.  You want to live the best life possible while you are here and having a healthy spine and optimally functioning nervous system is necessary and needs to be addressed as much or more than just how we look, feel, our B.P. numbers, our Cholesterol numbers  are.  Big Pharma is coming out with a “Polypill” to adress the underlying symptoms of America’s poor lifestyle habits.  How about adressing the underlying cause?  Yes, it’s more work, but it’s healthier, wiser, and the right thing to do.  Check out yesterday email I sent you about my “4 weeks to the start of a new you” .  I want you to sign up.  It’s a great time to throw away any reasons why you can’t, but rather why you can be healthier and more alive and truly well!!   Until next time, let me know if you are in, and thanks for all the great suggestions for where to take Mary!!  p.s  Congrats to Dave Demulling for 25 years of Sobriety!!!  Way to go Dave!!

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