5 things I would do when we get a winter storm.

This may be a no brainer but here a few of the things I promote for surviving and prospering a winter storm like we are getting today.

1.  Do not get so wrapped up into what the weather guys say the day before.  I know sometimes I do, so I just shut it off and occasionally look at my cell phone to see what the live radar says.

2.  Use sound judgement when traveling and if you have to go out get it done sooner than later.  I always tell patients if the weather is bad to use their own best judgment.   I’d rather have them come in the following day than get stuck in the ditch.  I’ve got rear wheel drive and a steep driveway so any amount of snow and there is no way I’m getting up my driveway.  Now I generally have no problem getting to my clinic but if we get over 5 inches it can be a problem getting out of my neighborhood.  I do not envy commuters to and from the cities everyday.  Somehow they make it in and make it home.  I think we have gotten a bit wimpy from years ago.  I love hearing stories of older patients who had to walk 2 miles each way to their one room school house.  There was never any school closings back in the day.

3.  I feel sometimes people really let themselves go a bit when the weather gets bad.  Don’t stop eating healthy and getting some exercise.  Shoveling the snow, doing some body weight exercises in the house doesn’t take much time and you can still get your exercise in even if it’s bad outside.  If you eat really clean you will be ahead of most others.

4.  Have resources to help you out if you need it.  I told you about my nightmare driveway.  Well, yesterday my son Riley got half way up our driveway  and slid off the driveway and got stuck.   Thanks to good friend Ryan Lee for pulling us out.  It’s great to have people help you out when you need it most.

5.  Be adventurous.  On a day like today I like to get my old classical ski’s out and ski through our neighborhood or go down through Schillbergs.  Very easy, just taking it all in.  I love watching the snow come down.  On a snow day how about taking the kids or grandkids out for some sledding.  This is perfect snowshoeing weather.  With all the snow we have had you will be working your tail off in the deep snow.

So there are a few tips.   Spring is right around the corner.  It’s suppose to be 40 tomorrow.  I’m already starting to think about golf.  If you have nothing going on this Saturday and you want to see something fun, then head on up to Hayward for the American Birkebeiner.  I’d be in downtown Hayward no later than 10:00 am since the winners will be coming in around 10:30 or so.  I’m doing the

Dave Leske and I, after Birkie, at Anglers.

classical race which is 4 kilometers longer and it’s slower so I’ll be in around 11:30 or so.    I’ll have a re-cap of everything next monday.  Congrats to Tom Krenz who is doing his 25th Birkie, and Kevin Rogers who I believe is doing his 34th Birkie.  These guys have been great friends, mentors, and are still elite cross country skiers.  Congrats also goes out to Thor Riemer, and Victor Lowney who moved through regionals and now have sectional wrestling this weekend.

Until next time, more snow please!  Dr. E

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