Eat, move, and think your way to better health

You are what you eat.

You are what you think.

You are how you move.

Take massive action today to improve on these and implement into your daily lifestyle and watch your health sky rocket.

Don't be afraid to give it your all in life!

That was a nice sweet to the point post.  It’s true.  Why do Americans make it ever so difficult?  Obesity is at an all time high.  Kids don’t play like they used to when I was a kid, and there seems to be so much more stress in life today.  We are getting sicker and sicker in the richest country in the world.

Try this for a little exericise.  I’m doing this right when I get done writing this post.  Get a piece of paper out and write down your goals for all the different aspects of your life.  Financial, nutrtition, spiritual, exercise, family, time off, what ever is important to you.  Write it down and don’t limit yourself.  Keep it in a safe place and look at periodically.  Are you working towards the life you want, or are you controlled by someone or something else.  You only go around once so make the most of it or it can will lead to poor health and misery.

I know there are areas I’m really strong on like exercise.  It’s no big deal for me to go out and ski 30 miles.  Then other areas I’m not so good at and sometimes I just don’t want to face the music with those I’m not good at.  Well, that’s one of the goals for 2014.  Get better at those areas I have neglected.  It will take work and time but I know I can do it.

This past year and actually the past 5 years I’ve been doing a ton of continuing education on being the best functional medicine provider I can be for you and your family.  This is when I do blood work and other tests to find out how your body is fucntioning and if its off get a game plan to restore your physiology to it’s optimal function.

Changing and implementing new lifestyles can be stressful especially with diet and exercise it seems.  If you understand the deleterious effects of some of your poor food choices and understand the benefits of great foods that work for your body and do not create inflammation then that’s a great choice you are making.  The same with exercise.  Some of you just need to start walking and moving the body.   I know you can do it.  Believing in yourself is huge when making changes.  I can lead you in the right direction but you have to follow through and stay the course for desired results.  It’s a never ending process.  You will have both good and bad days but somewhere along the line it averages out so don’t get hung up if there is a bad day or two along the way.  Keep positive and praying always helps.

You can ski here at Rock Creek Farm

It was great to see all the racers at the Balsam Vinter fest race on Saturday.  I really felt good about my race.  We had 3 inches of fresh snow so the course broke down but it was a lot of fun.  It was also great to see all the people at Rock Creek farm cross country skiing, fat biking, and snowshoeing.  It you want to find an incredible place to spend a few hours htis is the place.  Scott Hanson does a great job grooming the trails.  It’s just 3 miles north of St. Croix Falls on highway 87.  You’ll see the sign with a couple of ski’s there.  Park in the parking lot, there is a warming hut there also.  It’s going to be cold this week but when you are in the woods it’s not that bad.  They have plenty of beautiful woods out there.

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