Why I do weight loss.

The reason I do weight loss seminars is because my dad was obese his whole adult life and I saw the devastating things it can do to your health.  I also see it daily in my practice and there is hope for people who struggle with weight, are not healthy, and want to regain their lives.


Heart disease,


Poor bone and muscle quality,

Poor sex drive,

Low energy,

and the list goes on and on to say the least.

All the goodies over the holidays, all the cocktail parties, all the deserts, all the laying around watching football, it was fun doing it but now it’s time for you to get serious about your health and there is no better time then right now to get your health back and lose some weight.

If you really want to change, if you are sick and tired of the same old you, if you are frustrated and can’t figure out what you need to do, if you have been seeing other providers and not getting help, if you are really ready for change then you should call me and set up a time where I can do an evaluation and see if you qualify for this form of care.

It’s not for everyone.  It is for those that are really truly ready to take their health on for 2014 and beyond.

Digging deep is essential to find out why you can’t lose weight.  If it’s because you have been eating junk food for a while and put on a few and don’t workout much then it’s not for you.  You know what to do and just have to get at it.

This is for unhealthy people who are sick, and want to get better.  Once I find out through proper testing of lab work and other specific metabolic tests then I can design a plan specific for you.  You have to get healthy first then the weight falls off.

Why am I passionate about this because the people that do this program and follow through and do really well.  I just had a patient who started 21 days ago and weighed 338 pounds, was diabetic, and has bad peripheral neuropathy and balance disorders.  He’s 22 pounds lighter, went from a 44 to a 42 inch waist, and his feet don’t hurt as bad and his energy is through the roof.

You can be next.  Jut email me if you want a consult.  I can send you the forms I need to look at and then email them back to me.  If I feel you may be a candidate and you say you really want to do this, then you need to set up a time with Mary.  she will go over what it entails, price etc for evaluation. If after exam I will sit down with you go over what I think needs to be done then I’ll go over time, cost, and expectations along course of care.

It”s possible!  Want in?

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