Play like a Champion, train like an underdog

I love the above quote I saw on NCSA which is a recruiting service for high school athletes.  What a great affirmation that would be.  Below you will see some common affirmations that work wonders.  Give them a shot and see your subconscious align with the conscious and watch out world.

Be on the watch for upcoming weight loss classes at my clinic.  I’ve had a couple do a jump start and get started now.  They don’t want to wait which isn’t a bad idea.

Goofball Christmas pic fro 3 years ago.

Yesterday was a day of rememberance service at our church.  It’s a day of remembering loved ones who have passed.  This was the first such service I had been to and it was a really nice service.  I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be.  It ‘s interesting how your emotions can be when you least expect it.  This past year has been quite a process for me dealing with my dads poor health and subsequent death.  The death and funeral was hard but the last year was very tough.  I try to remember all the good times, especially playing golf and going to ball games.  The one thing I learned is that you will never forget the memory of a loved one.  So, take a moment over the holiday season to remember a loved one who has died.  Remember to take care of yourself and love one another even if it is at times difficult to do.  Love is a important part of being a human being.  It can transend all the up’s and downs of life.  Prayer is also a powerful healing tool we should all use.  We all can use prayer.  Pray for one another also.

Mom, Dad, and I 30 some years ago.

Another thing you may want to try is some affirmations.  Aligning your subconcious with the conscoius is very important.  Maybe try a few of these below.  Look in the mirror and say the affirmations 5 times out loud and then 5 times to yourself. If you don’t have a mirroe that’s ok.  Make sure you keep your eyes wide open when you are doing your affirmations.

I am healthy.

I am in control of my health.

I am loved.

I am loving myself

I am forgiving yourself.

I am changing for the better.

I am happy.

I am fearless.

I am giving unconditional love to others.

I have a burning desire ot succeed.

I am a go getter.

I have a wonderful, lasting relationship with _________.

I love and forgive______________.

I am making correct decisions and taking immediate actio!

Give them a shot.  Utilizing this protocol will super-charge your affirmations and burn them into your sub conscious!!

Christmas is only 8 days away.  I am blessed othave my son Connor back safe and sound from Montana State University in Bozeman Montana.  He survived his first finals.   This is a great time to get your kids in for an adjsutment over the break also.

Keep up being positive in your mind and take action .  Remember to play like a champoion, and train like an underdog and you will lose the fear and enjoy success!

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