2 weeks to better health

Ok, we are only 2 weeks from Christmas!  Wow, it’s ever so close and there seems to not be enough time to get everything done.

I think this is a great time to jump start your health.  Why wait until New Year’s to do it?  How about starting right now today with cleaning up the diet, get some exercise and try to be as positive and kind to others.

Eliminate grains from your diet and you will lose weight and cut the deadly inflammation from your body.  All grains are inflammatory to your body which means every time you eat one you put fuel to your fire.  Gluten free for sure.  I’d stay out of the gluten free sections of the store since most of those products are depleted in minerals, and are full of sugars.

I’d add more fat to your diet.  Eat an avocado, have some fish, or organic beef or chicken, and eat tons of veggies.

My sisters gluten free Spinach Balls

Do not eat any trans fats which are in everything it seems, and high fructose corn syrup which is deadly for your blood sugar and causes non alcohol fatty liver degeneration.  Keep the spirits down a bit also in the holiday season would be a good healthy choice also.

Working out in the cold can be a challenge.  I went out for an hour ski on Saturday and froze my face.  I’ve never had frost bite but it sure stings.  Coconut oil helps ease the pain and will be using that when I ski tomorrow.  You can basically use coconut oil for anything.  I eat a teaspoon a day also.

Getting adjusted is a wonderful thing for your mind body.  I get a massage weekly and get adjusted weekly to keep feeling great and functioning for optimal health and well-being.

My moms homemade organic meatballs

You can tell from the pics above I love food.  Those are a couple of the family traditional foods we do at my mom’s every Christmas.

Start with the little changes and just keep at it.  I know you can do it.  If you need assistance with this just give me a jingle.

I’m gearing up for our weight loss program starting first of the year.  These workshops fill up fast.  If you want in, let me know now because once they are full that’s it.

Ok, make it a great day, and don’t be afraid to get outside and get some fresh air, just bundle up and get at it!!

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