Don’t miss out on a great opportunity by taking massive action now.

I survived the 26th annual Turkey bowl Thanksgiving morning.  It was a beautiful 28 degrees and sunny and little wind.  The new Osceola High School football field is amazing to play on.  No one got hurt and everyone had a ton of fun.  The black team beat the red team by 7 points and like usual years it came down to the last drive of the game.  We had over 20 people play this year and it is something we all look forward to.  I was a little sore but not to bad.  I had been training doing sprints for the past 3 weeks and that helped a ton.  We had youngters playing, high school kids playing, and middle aged men like myself playing.  Tommy Krenz, Kevin Rogers, Rollo Grant, Terry Baillergeon, and myself have played in most of the 26 Turkey Bowl games.   The torch is now being passed to our kids and the high school kids to keep this game going long after we are gone.   I had the opportunity to guard my son Riley and I thought that would be no problem.  Well, I quickly realized there was no way I could guard him with his speed.  I did school him a couple times when I was receiver but there is nothing like having the speed and athleticism of your youth.  Thanks to all who played and those that came to cheer us on.  Another great tradition lives well in Osceola.

2013 Turkey bowl participants

December is here and what a great opportunity for you to be your best over the holidays.  We have a short December so why wait to New Years to start your resolutions, weight loss, or new workout.  How about starting right now today with better living.  I think the hardest thing is deciding what you want first, then taking MASSIVE action with it. For example, what one thing do you want to do today to improve your diet.  I’d recommend going gluten and dairy free.  These are inflamamtory foods.  Inflammation is like putting fuel to the fire.  You want to do somehthing incredible for your physiology, do this and watch what happens.  What are you doing to move your body today?  Our body needs to move for survival.  Want to feel better, just get some form of exercise today.  Your brain will work better also if you do.   Thinking good positive thoughts always helps.  I know it can be tough at times but when you are having a bad moment you can shift it with a positive thought at the click of your fingers.  One of my favorite sayings is nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.  How true is that.  That’s why I love sports so much.  There is nothing like preparing yourself to succeed with practice so you can have a great game.  You can do the same thing with all aspects of your life.  Prepare first, then take massive action and see what your results are.

I’m doing a knee workshop tonight at my clinic.  I’ve had 4 knee surgeries on my right knee and no knee cartilage since 1978 and I’m still going strong.  Learn how to get and keep your knees lasting a lifetime.  7 pm at Edling Chiropractic.

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