Be Thankful, Be Healthy!

Tis the season to count your blessing for all that goes on in our fast pace world we live in.  I hunted this opener for the first time in 8 years.  I passed up 3 small bucks and saw about 20 does before 10 am.  Thanks to Tin Skiba for letting me hunt on his property.  It sure was nippy out there.  I can handle the cold pretty good but when I can’t  feel my hands even with those hand warmers then it’s time to come in.

I’m thankful to be able to hunt because it gives me time to relax and just hang out in the wonderful woods of northern Wisconsin.  I have always loved just sitting in the woods.  It’s the one time all year when I don’t feel I’m on the move.

After the saturday opener I picked my son Riley up and we went to the Gopher-Badger game.  Wisconsin dominated the game and won fair and square.  It sure was cold at that game.  I couldn’t wait to get back to the car and warm up.  I’m grateful for heated seats and a heated steering wheel.

Now the Packer-Viking game is another story.  Can you believe it ended in a tie?  No one wants to witness a tie.  I believe they should run the overtime like they do in college.  Put it at the 25 yard line and let each team get a crack at.  Play until there is a winner.  The pack just isn’t the same without Aaron Rodgers.

Don’t forget about the 26th Turkey bowl coming up Thanksgiving morning 9-10:30 at the new Osceola football field.  We are moving it up an hour because the Packer-Lion game starts at 11 CST.  Come on by and cheer us on or if you want to play just show up and be ready to bring it.  I actually have been doing sprints to get in shape for this game.  We get together Wednesday night at P.Y’s every year so come on down.

Studies have shown that when we are grateful we are healthier and happier.  Your immune system is stronger, you have less heart disease, and many more healthy benefits.

On a sad note one of St. Croix Falls legends died on Saturday.  Bruce Yunker had the Yunker Pulbing and Heating for ever up in St. Croix Falls.  Thak God for Bruce  because he saved the day many a time when the heat went out in the house or if anything needed to be fixed he could get it done.  He would stop over for coffee and cookies and was quite the character.  I stayed every year at Bruce and Audreys house in Hayward for the Birkie and they were always gracious hosts.  Bruce always had fresh fish that he would fry up and that would be our little ritual to get us through the Birkie.  He will be missed by many.  R.I.P. Bruce.

Audrey Yunker. Bruce's giant moose on the wall.

Our clinic will not be open on friday.  Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your families!!  Dr. E

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